Camera Paint White

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Model: Paint White
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5

- Change the color of your camera with this rubber paint
- Also protects the camera against the environment
- The camera's lifespan extended
- The paint can be removed without tools or kemikaljer
- Versatile, synthetic, elastic and air-drying rubber color
- Rubber Colour surveillance camera like
- Protects against moisture, acids, abrasion and corrosion.
- The paint is anti-static and elastic.
- The product provides a slip resistant and impermeable surface.
- 2-4 per coat of paint. surface as required.
- Approximately 8 hours drying
- The color remains stretchable, flexible and does not crack *
- If required, the color may simply be removed by pulling it off.
- Mellen Temperature range -30 ° C - + 90 ° C.
- Content 400ml

  * Durability is dependent on the environment. Hard environment can shorten the life