BlackVue Power Magic Pro

Model: BVUE-PowerMagicPro
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5 dage/days

Power Magic is a product that you associate with your BlackVue camera for use in "Parking" mode.
Power Magic provides continuous power to your camera and ensure that the vehicle battery is not discharged.
In itself, there is a built-in power meter, which beat the power of the camera off if the car battery is below a certain level
BlackVue camera in "Parking" mode uses very little power.

Output: 12V / 24V
Size of the main unit: 72 x 41 x 23mm
Size clutch unit: 73 x 33 x 33mm
Cable length: 1.9 meters
Output: 1A, 2A Max / Under 200mAh