Jablotron JA-100KR-LAN Central with built-in LAN transmitter

Model: JA-100KR-LAN 46100

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  • Up to 32 wired BUS / wireless devices
  • Up to 32 unique user codes
  • Up to 4 areas
  • Up to 4 programmable PG outputs



JA-100KR is a central in the Jablotron JA-100 series. It can be used in smaller businesses, but is best suited for securing private homes.   


  • Up to 32 wired BUS / wireless devices
  • Up to 32 unique user codes
  • Up to 4 areas
  • Up to 4 programmable PG outputs
  • Up to 3 radio modules
  • 10 independent calendars
  • Reports from system to 8 users via SMS
  • Voice and SMS report for 8 users
  • 4 optional specific codes for KC (With individual ID)
  • Built-in LAN
  • NB! 12V / 2.6Ah Battery must be purchased separately. (Batteries)
  • NOTE special control panel for this control panel  


A LAN transmitter is mounted on the board that can communicate with MyJablotron, MyCompany and one to KC.This JA-100KR control panel is further equipped with a RADIO module JA-111R (CAN be expanded with a GSM module - JA-190Y) 


The JA-100 differs from the JA-101 and JA-106 in the following areas: 

- The only control panels that can be used with this control panel are; JA-150E and JA-110E
- Only one exit / entry delay- New zone type 'Garage door' extends entry / exit time;
- Even if the 'Garage door' is closed when connected, the exit time is extended
- The entry time is defined by whether it is a 'delayed' or 'garage door' zone that is opened
- The entry time is not extended if the 'delayed' zone starts it, and the 'garage door' is subsequently opened during the entry time
- Users can not be added in PG outputs, they are added in the internal settings on bypass / BP
- The JA-150E can control multiple PG outputs
- JA-150E does not have the option 'Indicates / checks PG'
- The JA-123E only has the option to control one PG output
- The 'PG Activation' column has been removed from the Devices tab
- PG activation of devices, is set in the internal settings of the PG output
- There are limited possibilities for PG outputs 'reaction to' i.a. lacks the ability to invert an output with 'system event'
- The reaction 'Second PG' is missing - it significantly limits simple door control- PG output function limited to 'Enable / disable' 'Impulse' and 'copy'
- PG output functions that are missing are; 'delayed copy' 'change' and 'extended copy'
- There is no possibility of time limitation of users
- Only 4/6 digit codes
- not 8 digits, not prefix
- One card per. user
- No Message A / B / C / D zone type- No Repetition Zone Type
- 10 calendar events  

 F & P Kl. 2 AIA No .: 10.212-13035 

The entire setup and settings are programmed in F-Link SW.

For more information, please visit this product's webpage.