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Jablotron JA-106KR-LAN Central with LAN / GSM and Radio module

Model: JA-106 GSM/LAN - 46106
  • Up to 120 wired BUS / wireless devices
  • Up to 300 unique user codes
  • Up to 15 areas
  • Up to 32 programmable PG outputs

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JA-106KR is an advanced control panel in the JABLOTRON JA-100 series. The alarm center is extremely flexible and user-friendly and perfectly suited for securing larger (luxury) houses and companies that need many areas or different users.


  • Up to 120 wired BUS / wireless devices
  • Up to 300 unique user codes
  • Up to 15 areas
  • Up to 32 programmable PG outputs
  • 20 independent calendars
  • Reports from system to 30 users via SMS
  • Voice and SMS report for 5 users
  • 4 KC
  • 5 optional specific codes for KC (With individual ID)
  • Built-in LAN
  • NB! The battery is purchased separately


The control panel has a built-in GSM / GPRS and LAN transmitter on PCB that can communicate by audio / voice, SMS or GPRS to the end user or to KC. It comes with a 1GB SD card on PCB, to be able to store all log events, voice recordings, photos from photodetector and much more.



Terminals for PCB printing:
- 2x BUS terminal (independent)
- 1x radio module terminal (JA-110R)
- 1x terminal for PSTN transmitter (JA-190X)



- Mains voltage 230V / 50Hz
- Power supply type A (EN 50131-6)
- Power consumption: loses AC 140 mA, in case of alarm 200 mA
- Backup battery 12V up to 7-18Ah
- Maximum charging time is 72 hours
- Continuous load 1,2A
- BUS power supply maximum
- Maximum output current (5 min.) 2A
- Backup BUS power supply via
- 18 Ah backup battery 12 hours at 1.2A
- Number of addresses (wireless / BUS) max. 120
- JA-110R frequency 2-way Jablotron protocol 868MHz
- Log events 700MB approx. 7 mill. events incl. time and date
- Alarm verification function; multiple detections from the same detector must be activated before an alarm is triggered
- Dimensions 36.0 x 30.0 x 10.9 cm
- Safety class 2 according to EN 50131-1, EN 50131-6
and EN 50131-5-3 and EN 50131-3



F & P nr.: 10.212-11641

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