JA-155P Wireless 360 ° PIR ceiling detector

Model: JA-155P - 46131
( 863,20 )
Availability: Leadtime is 1-3 day(s)


NB! This detector can only be used for the JA-103 and JA-107 control panels.

JA155P is a wireless device for the JABLOTRON 100+ series, which is designed to detect movement inside a building. The detector is mounted centrally in the ceiling.

  • It has a guaranteed detection of 360 ° with a coverage area of up to 5.5 m in radius, at ceiling height of 3.5 m.
  • There are two levels for adjusting sensitivity to false alarms
  • The detector has a pulse response and takes up a space in the system.

PLV-P-ST mounting bracket is a certified accessory for the ceiling detector. They can be used with wireless detectors to separate the antenna from the mounting surface and thus improve the range.


F&P No .: 10.212-268

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