JA-160PC (90) Wireless PHOTO detector 90°

Model: JA-160PC (90) - 46127

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The JA-160PC is a motion sensor with a built-in camera. It is designed to detect movement indoors in a building and send a color image at a triggered alarm.

Each image is taken twice: the first in low quality (320x240 pixels) and the second image is taken in high quality (640 × 480 pixels).

The camera in the detector is equipped with flash so that it can take pictures in the dark.
Images are stored on the internal micro SD card and subsequently sent to the control panel (in low resolution).
By using F-link or J-link you can see the pictures in the event log.

The images are first displayed in low resolution. If you want to get them in high resolution, you can click on details and then the second image in high resolution will be displayed.
One must be aware that the images are for verification and not identification.
Images can be sent from the exchange to a remote server, to KC and to the user.

The JA-160PC also has the option of taking a picture if a PG output is activated. This can e.g. be in case of fire, water damage, etc.
This also allows you to send an image directly from My Jablotron Web self-service.
It is possible to set up the detector to take a pre-alarm picture.
If this setting is used, a picture is sent if only an alarm has gone off from the area (pre-alarm) or at entry time.
The immunity level of the motion sensor can be set in two ways: the default setting as combining basic immunity with fast detector response, or increased combining a higher immunity, along with a slower response.

NB! Only compatible with F-Link 1.5.1 or later


Supply voltage: 2 × AA 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Battery life: approx. 2 years (one picture per day, good light conditions)
Frequency: 868 MHz ranges approx. 300m (open area)
Cover PIR: 90 ° / 12 m / mounted at 2.5 m height
Mode of operation: Passive infrared
Memory: Micro SD
SD card size: 1GB to 2GB
Temperature range: -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Dimensions: 60 x 110 x 55mm
Working environment Indoor use according to EN 50131-1, II


F&P No .: 10.212-12907

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