Hikvision DS-1273ZJ-DM32 Wall bracket

Model: DS-1273ZJ-DM32
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Wall bracket (Swan arm) intended for mounting on the wall so that the camera can hang horizontally and away from the wall.
Easy to mount with the included screws

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    • ALWAYS insert SD cards into the cameras if the budget can support it.
    • SD card developed for surveillance cameras.
    • Insert the card into an IP camera and save recordings directly to the card.
    • The recordings can be downloaded directly in the APP
    • SD cards are always recommended in cameras and even if you have an NVR
    • The Hikvision ANR concept means that if the camera loses the connection to the recorder, the camera automatically saves the recordings on the card

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Parameters Wall Mounting Bracket for Dome Camera
Appearance Hikvision White
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension 141.8 mm183.5 mm232 mm (5.6"7.2"9.1")