Hikvision DS-1280ZJ-DM18 Fittings BLACK

Model: DS-1280ZJ-DM18 Black
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    Professional surveillance sign printed on PVC (A4) (Can sit both outside and inside) Height 29.7cm Width 21cm Thickness 3mm
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    White siso window lock for protection of windows and doors 2 keys are included for each lock There are locking keys for the ordered cylinders (All keys fit all ordered locks) Easy way to secure windows and doors Easy to mount (Mounted with two screws) Locked easily by pressing the lock cylinder at t ...more
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    The package contains:

    1 x Ajax HUB GSM (Central) - SORT
    1 x Ajax Door / Window switch - BLACK
    1 x Ajax PIR, motion sensor - BLACK
    1 x Ajax Remote Control - BLACK

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    Professional alarm stickers (4 pcs.) Print on both sides (Can sit both outside and inside) 70x100mm (7x10cm)
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    DS-2CD2145FWD-I BLACK is discontinued - and replaced by DS-2CD2146G2-ISU BLACK

    The DS-2CD2146G2-ISU Black is an enhanced version of the DS-2CD2145FWD-I Black with various enhancements, including Human & Vehicle Detection, which is an incredibly smart system that automatically detects people and cars on the recordings. The camera is also Powered By Darkfighter.
    The ISU model can also record sound and it still has alarm I / O so it can be connected to other devices

    Read much more about it - and everything else on the product page for the new version: DS-2CD2146G2-ISU

    We have kept the product page for DS-2CD2145FWD-I, so you always have easy access to the documentation.

    Powered By Darkfighter
    4 MegaPixel
    H.265 +

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    Oblique brackets that are mounted behind the camera to get an angle.
    Suitable for mounting under an inclined eaves.
    Easy to mount with the included screws

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    Wall bracket (Swan arm) intended for mounting on the wall so that the camera can hang horizontally and away from the wall.
    Easy to mount with the included screws

Model DS-1280ZJ-DM18(Black)
Parameters Junction Box
Appearance Black
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension 141.7 mm × 37 mm × Ø 111 mm (5.58" × 1.46" × Ø 4.37")
Weight 1490 g (3.28 lb.)