Foscam FI9805W HD 4mm

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Model: FI9805W HD 4mm
Availability: Leadtime is - udgået/discontinued

- Wireless Foscam FI9805W HD IP Cam
- 36 LEDs
- 4mm lens (70 degree angle)
- High video and image quality (H.264)
- 1280 X 960 Pixels
- 2-way audio (requires cable)
- Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
- Easy setup with browser-based user platform
- Can capture video and pictures
- Can be used in complete darkness with built-in infrared LEDs
- Can watch up to 30 meters in complete darkness
- Waterproof housing for outdoor use
- Built-in motion alarm
- Can save / upload pictures on alarm
- Can send e-mail on alarm
- Can be connected from any standard internet browser
- Can be used directly on the network connection without PC
- Can be connected with LAN cable or wireless (Wi-Fi)
- Multiple users can be configured with different access levels
- With mounting brackets of metal for setup
- Comes with power supply and monitoring software
- Read product sheet here

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