Hikvision DS-2CD6425G0-20 2MP

Model: DS-2CD6425G0-20
( 2.399,20 )
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2.8mm 3.7mm

Concealed camera for installation

  • Suitable for ATMs, covert monitoring, mobile solutions etc.
  • High resolution - Full HD 1920 * 1080p
  • Flexible - Connect to recorder or insert memory card
  • Audio - option for connecting microphone and speaker
  • 129,00
    ( 103,20 )
    - Hikvision s tandard DC power supply - 1.5 meters length - DC 12V / 1A
  • 259,00
    ( 207,20 )
    • ALWAYS insert SD cards into the cameras if the budget can support it.
    • SD card developed for surveillance cameras.
    • Insert the card into an IP camera and save recordings directly to the card.
    • The recordings can be downloaded directly in the APP
    • SD cards are always recommended in cameras and even if you have an NVR
    • The Hikvision ANR concept means that if the camera loses the connection to the recorder, the camera automatically saves the recordings on the card

  • 1.389,00
    ( 1.111,20 )
    • Good hard disk recorder for private and small business
    • Space for 2 hard drives for higher reliability
    • Up to 8 IP cameras can be connected
    • Up to 8 MP cameras can be connected
    • Watch "live" and "playback" from APP (Hik-connect)
    • Connect TV and monitor via HDMI
    • Can be controlled with mouse, like a PC
    • Can send push notifications to your mobile
    • Perfect for the small system in the home or the small shop
    • RJ45 port for network cable - for internet
    • Hikvision is a strong brand and makes quality products
    • Lots of cool features
    • Widely used for villas and small businesses
  • Recommended by our technician
    ( 303,20 )
    • PoE switch
    • Hi-PoE for PTZ camera
    • Extend (up to 300m PoE)
    • Max 60 watts
  • 249,00
    ( 199,20 )
    IEEE 802.3af compatible Auto-detects power needs Supports gigabit networks Plug-and-Play, does not require configuration PoE budget 15W
  • 6% Off
    Recommended by our technician
    ( 2.399,20 )
    You save: 200,00

    AcuSense Gen.2 NVR
    Intelligent analytics based on deep learning algorithm
    Up to 4-ch perimeter protection
    Up to 1-ch facial recognition for video stream
    Up to 4-ch facial recognition for face picture
    Up to 8-ch IP camera inputs
    Up to 8-ch 1080p decoding capability

  • Recommended by our technician
    ( 1.759,20 )

    Optimal for the outdoors as it requires very little maintenance.
    With its 8 MegaPixel image sensor, the camera delivers a great day's picture
    AcuSense allows the camera to classify people & vehicles.
    Strobe can flash as warning flash & speaker emits siren sound or speech messages.
    The built-in microphone allows you to record sound and hear sound live.

    Can be accessed from both smartphone, PC and tablet through the Hik-Connect app.
    Supports Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and English languages.

  • 6.599,00
    ( 5.279,20 )
    • Professionel Acusense harddiskoptager til erhverv - fuld af power
    • Kan monteres i rackskab, beslag medfølger
    • Ansigtsgenkendelse på 1 kamera
    • Velegnet til løsninger til med 4K/8MP kameraer
    • Til 16 IP-kameraer / 12 MP kameraer kan tilsluttes
    • Understøtter 4 HDD, op til 10 TB pr. stk. Høj driftsikkerhed
    • Se "live" og "playback" fra APP (Hik-connect)
    • Tilslut TV og skærm via HDMI
    • Kan styres med mus, som en PC
    • Kan sende pushbeskeder til din mobil
    • Perfekt til det lille system i hjemmet eller den lille butik
    • 2 stk. RJ45 porte til netværkskabel - til internet / lokal netværk
    • Hikvision er et stærkt brand og laver kvalitetsprodukter
    • Deep learning
    • Masser af smarte funktioner
  • 319,00
    ( 255,20 )
    • Sæt ALTID SD kort i kameraerne, hvis budgettet kan bære det.
    • SD kort  udviklet til overvågningskameraer.
    • Sæt kortet i et IP kamera og gem optagelser direkte ned på kortet.
    • Optagelserne kan hentes direkte i APP
    • Det anbefales altid SD kort i kameraer og selvom man har NVR
    • Hikvision ANR konceptet betyder, at hvis kameraet mister forbindelsen til optageren, gemmer kameraet automatisk optagelserne på kortet


  • 3.899,00
    ( 3.119,20 )
    • 24 ports PoE switch
    • SFP port for fiber module
    • Max 370W PoE
    • Gigabit switch
  • 1.149,00
    ( 919,20 )

    4 MegaPixel
    H.265 +
    Built-in microphone
    Can be accessed from both smartphone, PC and tablet through the Hik-Connect app, NOTE: however only through Portforwarding.

Datasheet - Quick Guide
Image Sensor 1/2.8′′ Progressive Scan CMOS
Min. Illumination Color: 0.005 Lux @(F1.2, AGC ON), 0.014 Lux @(F2.0, AGC ON) B/W: 0.0001 Lux @(F1.2, AGC ON), 0.0003 Lux @(F2.0, AGC ON)
Shutter Speed 1 s to 1/100,000 s
Slow Shutter Yes
Auto-Iris No
Day & Night Electronic
Digital Noise Reduction 3D DNR
WDR 120 dB
Angle Adjustment Not support
Focal length 2.8 mm / 3.7 mm
Aperture F2.5
FOV 2.8 mm @ F2.5, horizontal FOV 88.2°, vertical FOV:48.8°
3.7 mm @ F2.5, horizontal FOV 71°, vertical FOV:39.3°
Lens Mount pin hole
Compression Standard  
Video Compression Main stream: H.265/H.264
Sub-stream: H.265/H.264/MJPEG
Third stream: H.265/H.264
H.264 Type Baseline Profile/Main Profile/High Profile
H.264+ Main stream support.
H.265 Type Main Profile
H.265+ Main stream support.
Video Bit Rate 32 Kbps to 16 Mbps
Audio Compression G.711/G.722.1/G.726/MP2L2/PCM
Audio Bit Rate 64Kbps(G.711)/16Kbps(G.722.1)/16Kbps(G.726)/32-192Kbps(MP2L2)
Smart Feature-set  
Behavior Analysis Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection
Exception Detection No
Face Detection Yes
Region of Interest 1 fixed region for main stream and sub stream
Max. Resolution 1920 × 1080
Main Stream 50Hz: 25fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720)
60Hz: 30fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720)
Sub Stream 50Hz: 25fps (640 × 480, 640 × 360, 320 × 240) 60Hz: 30fps (640 × 480, 640 × 360, 320 × 240)
Third Stream 50Hz: 1fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720, 704 × 576, 640 × 480, 640 × 360, 352 × 288, 320 × 240)
60Hz: 1fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720, 704 × 480, 640 × 480, 640 × 360, 352 × 240, 320 × 240)
Image Enhancement BLC, 3D DNR
Image Setting Rotate mode, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness, AGC, white balance adjustable by client software or web browser
Target Cropping No
SVC H.264 and H.265 encoding
Day/Night Switch Day/Night/Auto/Schedule/ Triggered by Alarm In
Picture Overlay No
Network Storage Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card (128G), local storage and NAS (NFS,SMB/CIFS), ANR
Alarm Trigger Motion detection, video tampering alarm, network disconnected, IP address conflict, illegal login, HDD full, HDD error
General Function One-key reset, anti-flicker, three streams, heartbeat, password protection, privacy mask, watermark, IP address filter
Firmware Version V5.5.6
Simultaneous Live View Up to 6 channels
User/Host Up to 32 users 3 levels: Administrator, Operator and User
Client iVMS-4200, iVMS-4500, iVMS-5200, Hik-Connect
Web Browser IE8+, Chrome31.0-44, Firefox30.0-51, Safari8.0+
Audio 1 input (line in), 1 output (line out), mono
Alarm 1 input, 1 output (up to 24 VAC, 1A or 110 VAC, 500mA)
Communication Interface 1 RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet port 1 VIN port 1 RS-485
On-board storage Built-in micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128 GB
Reset Button Yes
Environment Noise Filtering Yes
Audio Sampling Rate Max. 48kHz
Operating Conditions -10 °C to 40 °C (14 °F to 104 °F), humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Power Supply 12 VDC ± 20%, two-core terminal block, PoE: (802.3af, class 2)
PowerConsumptionand Current 12 VDC ± 20%, 0.25 A, max. 3 W PoE: (802.3af, 36V-57V), 0.2A to 0.1A, Max: 3.5W
Material Camera: Plastic Lens: Metal
Dimensions Camera: 77.5 × 71 × 33.5 mm (3.1" × 2.8" × 1.3") L10: Ø26 × 32.7 mm (Ø1.0" × 1.3") L20: 37 × 26 × 15.1 mm (1.6" × 1.0" × 0.6") L30: Ø26 × 51.4 mm (Ø1.0" × 2.0")
Windows macOS






About the concept
The camera for built-in and covert surveillance. Work just like any other Hikvision camera in terms of operation. The camera is divided into 2 components, a lens (the camera) and a controller box (here network and power are inserted if you do not use PoE, MikroSD card, etc.), between the two is pulled a coax cable, which is included.

About the camera
The camera is connected to a recorder in the same way as other Hikvision cameras. When it is connected to the network either with a single network cable connected to a PoE Switch or just 12VDC and then a network cable to the router / computer, you will find the camera on the network with the search tool SADP or directly from your recorder. The camera has many smart functions, relay inputs and outputs, included tape for mounting and brackets for permanent mounting, etc. and it makes it ideal for solving small discrete tasks. One can also use it as a completely conventional camera that just does not make much sense of itself.

About the lens
There are 3 types of lenses, they can be replaced / exchanged with each other, but only one lens is included when you order - which you can see in the model name. Note that there are no IR diodes in the lenses, so lighting must come from externally if it is too dark. Cameras like this are usually used indoors where it is natural to have lights on - or outdoors in combination with sensor controlled light.

Hikvision DS-2CD6425G0-20 2MP - only DKK 2,999.00 at IPcam-shop.dk

DS-2CD6425G0- 20 2MP is e.g. the camera in the middle.

DS-2CD6425G0- 10 2MP is e.g. the camera on the right.

About the controller
The controller is itself the "brain" of the camera, here you connect network, power (network and power come via the same cable v. PoE). You can also connect external things such as. alarm system, garage door, magnetic switch etc., microSD card supported up to 256GB. In addition to alarm inputs and outputs, there are also audio inputs and outputs so you can connect an external microphone or speaker.
The included bracket makes it easy to mount the controller in an easy and professional way.

About alarm in- and out
Alarm in can be used to make the equipment respond to signals from other devices or systems.

For more information, please visit this product's webpage.