Hikvision 8MP Kit PoE 2186G2 / S 16.8.16

( 32.683,20 )
You save: 500,00

Comprehensive system consisting of everything you need to get started with AcuSense.

Impressive cameras in 4K with analyzes that can detect people and vehicles
Hard disk recorder for 16 cameras + hard disk
PoE (Power via Network Cables)
Network cables
Access via App, computer, TV via HDMI

Suitable for private homes, businesses, schools, halls and other indoor areas. Can easily sit outdoors, but requires more cleaning due to its glass dome.

If the cameras need a microphone and speaker as in the video, you must switch the cameras to this model:

Weight: 25,92 kg
Hikvision DS-7616NXI-I2 / S 16 Channel IP AcuSense NVR
Availability: In stock
( 2.823,20 )
10 meter CAT6 U / UTP network cable WHITE
Availability: In stock
( 79,20 )
Hikvision DS-3E0310HP-E 8port PoE + Switch
Availability: In stock
( 679,20 )
You save: 250,00
20 meter CAT6 U/UTP network cable WHITE
Availability: In stock
( 95,20 )
Hikvision DS-2CD2186G2-I 8MP AcuSense PoE
Availability: In stock
( 1.639,20 )
Lens: 2.8mm
WD Purple 4TB SATA
Availability: In stock
( 879,20 )

About our Kits
Our complete kits have everything you need to get started, whether you need it on your mobile, PC or via HDMI for a TV or monitor. We would like to make packages that suit everyone's needs, but there is not enough space on the internet, so we have made our kits so you can customize them yourself.

Here's how to customize the kit:

Hikvision is a serious manufacturer and provide high quality for the money. The equipment is packed with smart features and you can also add alarm and access control as well as video bell to the same APP. Do you need specific solutions for number plate recognition, thermal monitoring, face recognition etc. so do not hesitate to contact us at 70701009 or mail@ipcam-shop.dk


The first time you need to set it up, it requires a PC or monitor with HDMI (HDMI cable not included). We have made a video guide that shows how the system is set up via PC and local screen.

This guide shows unpacking and setup via PC

We also have a playlist on YouTube that shows how the system is set up and works on a local screen with HDMI. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQzs9PTJVDZRfAbc_h6UBdq_QZ1LfMjNC

Once the system is set up, you just need your phone to get messages, watch live and playback. However, you can still use PC / HDMI for all daily operations as well.


Should it be more future-proof, remember that most products are available in several versions. For example. you can replace the recorder with one with space for multiple cameras or multiple discs.
You can possibly delete the NVR (recorder) in this kit and then add a better one from our guide which you will find here: See other recorders


The camera
This is one of the smartest little cameras on the market. The camera can withstand sitting both inside and out, as it is IP67 approved, as long as you also mount the included membrane. There are also screws, raw plugs and a drilling template, which are easily glued to the concrete or bricks so you know exactly where to drill. The camera can be mounted in all directions, just like a 3-axis camera


AcuSense technology
The surveillance camera is from the AcuSense family, which means that it is particularly suitable for notifying you on the phone when detecting people and vehicles. As you can see in the video below, the camera's specialty is to distinguish between people, vehicles and uninteresting things. (continued during the video ...)


How AcuSense works

Even though the camera is intelligent, it still needs some input from you. When the camera is mounted, you can choose between several types of "smart events" including "Detection of intrusion" where a square is drawn in the image and when a target moves into the square and stays longer than you have allowed (1 -10 seconds) your "reaction" is triggered. There are also line intersections where detectors about a "target" move across the line you have drawn. It can be both ways or just one way. It can e.g. is used for one-way roads, so that an alarm is given when driving in the opposite direction or in a driveway so that you are only notified when people arrive, but not when they leave.

See a guide in English from Hikvision here

What is a reaction? The event that is triggered when a rule is violated is called a "reaction". Depending on which model is chosen, you have different options.
Most used "reactions":

  • Push message on mobile (get a picture sent directly to your phone, of the target that has broken the rule, with a link to direct play in APP)
  • Send email (this feature should be used with caution as the mail provider may close your account for suspected spamming if too many photos are sent)
  • Flashing white light *
  • Warning sound * (siren or voice warning - it is also possible to record your own messages)
  • Alarm output * (open a garage door, turn on lights, send signal to your alarm system, interact with IHC, etc.)

* These functions are only supported by the ISU / SL models, as this https://ipcam-shop.dk/hikvision-38/hikvision-ds-2cd2346g2-isu-sl-4mp-4mm-acusense-poe-p2821


Setup support / help
Would you rather spend the time on something else or should we review the system and features with you, then you can hire a technician in down to 20 minute intervals. Many of our customers have benefited from even pulling the cables and mounting the cameras, after which we watched via the customer's computer, help with setup, put it on the phone and possibly. some great tips and tricks.


Whatever your needs, we can help you with good advice and guidance, we are specialists in the field. And if you shop with us, you get a competent sparring partner in the security industry.


For more information, please visit this product's webpage.

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