POE Splitter black

Model: POE Splitter black
Availability: Leadtime is ca. 2-5 hverdage
Converts non-POE devices with Power over Ethernet.
Transform your regular IP camera to a POE model

- POE Splitter
- Selectable output 5V -7.5V-9V-12V
- Gigabit Ethernet
- IEEE802.3AF/802.3AT
- The max power of the POE Splitter could support is 12Watt.
- 5V @2A (max)
- 7.5V @ 1.6A(max)
- 9V @ 1.3A (max)
- 12V @1A (max)
- including 3.5x1.35mm and 5.5x2,1mm cable