Today, the price of a license plate camera (also known as ANPG ) is so everyone can join. The camera has all the built-in analysis that you need to get started and you are therefore not dependent on anything other than the camera, an SD card and power. The camera can of course easily be connected to a hard disk recorder.

When a car passes a defined point on the road, the license plate is read and stored in a database. All registered number plates can subsequently be searched in.
An approved, blacklisted or unknown number plate can also trigger its own reaction, such as a push message, email with picture or opening of gate.

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License plate scanner (ANPG)

What is a license plate camera?

A surveillance camera that can provide a clear picture of a license plate on a vehicle, both day and night, and at high and low speeds, is called a license plate camera. If you then go one step further, so that you can not "just" see the number plate clearly in a picture, but actually get it digitally read and registered, it is called in Denmark an Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera, hence the name ANPG . In English it is called an Automatic Number Plate Registration camera, ANPR , or also LPR which stands for License Plate Registration

What can you use license plate scanning for?

A camera that can read and respond to license plates is typically used for tasks such as:

  • Parking control and other parking solutions
  • Registration of vehicles for identification
  • Control of gates, gates, traffic lights etc.
  • General traffic control
  • Alarm for unwanted or unknown vehicles

A license plate scanner can actually be used for all kinds of identification and reactions on known and unknown vehicles.

Is reading license plates at night possible?

Yes! One of the hallmarks of a good license plate reading camera is that they see the license plate as clearly at night as they do during the day. Ordinary cameras cannot see the registration number at night, but instead show a white square due to the reflection in the license plate. On a good ANPG camera, the reflex is not a problem, but the price you pay to be able to read the license plate at night is that you can only see the license plate and headlights or taillights clearly. Therefore, it is a good idea to combine the ANPG camera with a regular camera, which can then see all the physical details on and around the target. If you notice the police license plate scanners, then they also consist of 2 cameras. One for reading the number plate and one for the surroundings.

Can you install a license plate camera yourself?

Yes! Whether you need it privately or for business, you can install the camera yourself and it is not as difficult as you might immediately think. But if you would rather spend your time on something else, we can also easily program it for you. Then just screw it on, plug in the cables and book "hire a technician" - not easy? We also recommend that you just take a chat with us before choosing location, as there are some guidelines from the manufacturer that we would recommend that you follow.

Can a license plate camera be used without a recorder?

Yes, most people can easily do that! Then you just need, in addition to the camera, to have a power supply, e.g. a PoE switch and an SD card to store the license plates. Most cameras also have built-in relays, which are used to control a gate, a traffic light or other things. However, we always recommend a combination of SD card and a hard disk recorder (NVR)

How do I choose which cars my ANPG camera should approve?

On the camera or hard disk recorder, insert the number plates on what is called a "white list". The number plates on that list are approved vehicles. What the camera should do when it recognizes a number plate, you choose for yourself.

There is also a "Black list" designed for those vehicles that need a different reaction. It is typically for vehicles that are known but not on the "white list". Blacklisting is therefore typically used for suspicious vehicles or mother-in-law: D

The vehicles that do not appear on the two lists are called "unknown" vehicles. Unknown vehicles can then trigger a completely 3rd reaction.

What reactions can a license plate scan trigger?

Once a license plate has been scanned and compared to the 2 lists, one can then trigger some reactions. It could be:

  • Activate gate, locks, grille, lock etc.
  • Activate traffic lights, e.g. change from red to green
  • Send push notification to mobile or tablet, with picture of the vehicle and license plate enlarged.
  • Send email with picture of the vehicle
  • Send a Wiegand signal to a conventional Access Control System (ADK)
  • Activate a PTZ camera. (Read more about swivel and controllable cameras here)

and many many other things

What happens if the vehicle does not have a number plate fitted?

Yes, that is always the big question, what do you do then? Basically, the camera will not open the door, but on most models, the camera will still take a picture of the vehicle and put it in the archive. When you then pull up the list of registered vehicles, the license plate-free vehicle will also appear, but without an associated license plate. This is done to ensure that you can not escape unseen by removing your license plate.

Does a license plate scanner camera work in both directions?

Yes, an ANPG camera works in both directions, but it must be able to see the registration number clearly so it does not work from the side.

Can you choose which direction the camera should respond to?

Most cameras support direction detection. This means that you can set the camera to only open the gate for the approaching vehicles and not react to those leaving the area, or vice versa.

Can a license plate camera read the registration number of a motorcycle?

Yes, but of course only in the direction away from the camera, as motorcycles only have plates on the back.

Is the registration number always read 100% correctly on ANPG cameras?

No, you can not be sure, as snow, mud and other contamination of the plate gives rise to misreading. In some cases, it can also scan / read an I as a 1 and an O as a 0. The more the license plate fills the image, the greater the probability of correct reading. Therefore, always make sure to select a camera with ample optical zoom to the desired distance.