0.25 meter CAT6 U/UTP network cable BLACK

Model: CAT6-0.25M-UUTP(BLK)
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- Length: 0.25 m
- Color: BLACK
- Version: CAT6 U/UTP

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    Hikvision's smart managed * switches are ideal for video surveillance, as they provide power to all types of Active PoE devices, including brands other than Hikvsion. However, if you use it for Hikvision's own products, you get an extra advantage, namely the advantage of their "extend" technology. PoE extend means that you can connect devices up to 300 meters away from the switch, where conventional switches can reach a maximum of 70 meters with PoE.

    The switch can deliver up to 30 watts on each port - but the total PoE power consumption must not exceed 370 watts. For example, a PTZ like this DS-2DE4225IW-DE uses a maximum of 18 watts, leaving 362 watts for the remaining ports / cameras. For reference, a camera like this DS-2CD2346G2-IU uses approx. 7 watts.

    The switch can take SFP modules, for fiber connection:

    * Managed switches mean that you can manage the switch, ie you can configure it for VLAN, priorities etc. Switches like this are recommended for users with a deeper knowledge of networks and with a specific need to configure the switch. Of course, the DS-3E1326P-EI can also be "just" set to out-of-the-box, like a regular switch.

    Watch a video about Hikvision smart switch here (English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU-bqihJdbo

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    - Length: 0 , 25 m
    - Color: Gray / White
    - Version : CAT6 U / UTP

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    Suitable for:

    DS-2CD23XXG1 + G2

Color: Black
Internal conductor material: CCA copper
AWG: 24/7
Version: U / UTP Cat 6 Straight
Bandwidth: 250 MHz
Speed: 10 Gbit / s up to 55 meters