Contact us if you need kits with more than 16 cameras

Once you know how many cameras you need, we need to find the best cameras for the job.
All kits are made so that you can add and remove products, you can therefore adapt the kit to your needs.

Best all-around system (AcuSense)
Most people want high quality, both day and night, as well as the ability to get messages from the system. They most often choose the AcuSense packages.
Acusense has a really good analysis and can be upgraded so they have a built-in microphone, strobe light and speaker.
Often used for the home, cottage, industry, construction sites, outdoor areas, schools etc.

Best night photos in color (ColorVu)
If you want color images at night and white "nightvision" light, then you have to look at the ColorVu packages, which are fantastic at night.
They also have the AcuSense analyzes installed and can be upgraded to the IU model with a built-in microphone.
Often used for the home, industry, outdoor areas, schools etc.

Best price (Standard)
If the focus is on the price, do not go wrong with our "standard" cameras in the 43 series. They also have a bit of analysis, night vision and 4 megapixels (2 x FullHD)
Often used for the small shop, kiosk, apartment etc.

If you are in doubt about what to choose, we are ready to help you, send us an email , preferably with a drawing of the area, then we can help find the right one.