Many different network devices signify that they support PoE. PoE is an abbreviation for Power Over Ethernet, but what does it mean then and what can you use it for.

PoE involves powering network devices directly through a network cable. That is, you do not need to connect both a network cable and a power cord to the device. It is very useful if you want to avoid more wires than absolutely necessary, but it is also useful because it is easier not to have to think about pulling power when pulling cables.

What do you need to use PoE?
First of all, it is an unavoidable requirement that the network device supports POE. Therefore, always check if this is the case for the products in question. Next, you need a power source. An ordinary switch or router is usually not normally able to supply power through the network cable, and you therefore have to acquire a so-called PoE switch or a PoE injector.

What is a POE switch?
A PoE switch is like a regular switch except that it is capable of supplying power through the network cable. It is also possible to connect network devices that are not PoE compliant, such as a computer, without being damaged. The switch itself detects whether the connected device is PoE compliant or not.

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