BlackVue Power Magic PRO

Model: BV-PMP
( 391,20 )
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Power Magic Pro controls your BlackVue in Parking Mode using your vehicle's battery.
Its power failure and timer both prevent discharging the vehicle's battery.
For easier installation, add safety taps that match the fuses of your vehicle.

Model Name Power Magic Pro
Backup Battery

Power restoration voltage (based on the input voltage)
Cut-off voltage + 0.2V and higher

Output current / Quiescent current

1A (Maximum: 2A) / Below 200μA

Power cut-off voltage (based on the input voltage)

12V, 12.5V (± 0.1V) / 22.8V, 23.2V (± 0.1V)


Power cut-off timer setting
6 hours - infinity


Country of origin
Republic of Korea