Safe HES-D with dropfunktion and cabinet

Model: IPP-2145
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Safe HES-D with dropfunktion and cabinet

Safe HES-D with drop funktion and cabinet perfekt for changes



  • Very powerful and heavy safe
  • It is used at places with high security demands
  • The best about HE is the robustness
  • cabinetsize is 140x260 mm



  • Thick walls which also have concrete in it
  • Door handles with bolts in stainless steel
  • Other safety methods is not public
  • The safe can bolted firmly to the ground but this is not needed because of the weight
  • The weight is around 480 KG


Theft safety

Aproved en1143/1 GRADE 1, Security level as SKAFOR RED and skafor blue. that means the cabinet at the top  can withstand electric tools for 40 minutes at least.

The cabinet at the bottom can withstand electric tools for 28 minutes.



It is delivered with Lockkey  including 2 keys

(Electronic lock can be choiced)


Color - Mode white, RAL 9010




Height: 1040 mm  
Breth: 550 mm  
Depth: 535 mm  
weightt: 480 kg