Julekit 1

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  • Super cool starter set for those who want "above standard"
  • The AcuSense cameras notify you directly on your mobile when there are people and vehicles.
  • Included door phone that calls you on the mobile.
  • Package with burglar alarm - without subscription!
  • Door phone, alarm and video surveillance can be controlled from the same app
  • Incl. 20 minutes with a technician to help you with the setup
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    Suitable for:

    DS-2CD23XXG1 + G2

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    • ALWAYS insert SD cards into the cameras if the budget can support it.
    • SD card developed for surveillance cameras.
    • Insert the card into an IP camera and save recordings directly to the card.
    • The recordings can be downloaded directly in the APP
    • SD cards are always recommended in cameras and even if you have an NVR
    • The Hikvision ANR concept means that if the camera loses the connection to the recorder, the camera automatically saves the recordings on the card

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    Wall bracket (Swan arm) intended for mounting on the wall so that the camera can hang horizontally and away from the wall.
    Easy to mount with the included screws

Once you have screwed the cameras on and connected the power, we will help you get it set up correctly and get it on your mobile.

20 minutes of programming, covers basic setup - additional programming costs DKK 250 per. 20 minutes