By: Nuuo

NUUO Enterprise license - 1 channel


Enterprise NUUO IP software for network & MegaPixel cameras

Model: NUUO Enterprise licens 1
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5 dage/days

- NUUO License for 1 IP camera

- Enterprise monitoring software supports more than 1,300

- IP and megapixel cameras from over 60 different manufacturers.

- Max 64 ??cameras.

- Flexible and cost effective software that can combine

- IP and analog cameras on the same platform at the installation

- Of camera card


- Up to 30 bps eachcamera


- Up to 30 bps eachcamera.

- High speed data with MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264.

- The storage capacity of the software is unlimited

- Search on date / time and activity

- (Movement oriented), compilation of recordings with smart

- Search and digital PTZ

Audio recording:

- Unlimited 2-way audio and playback in real time if the camera

- Supports this.

Image resolution:

- Depends entirely on the connected cameras

6 types of motion:

- The whole picture, missing objects, foreign objects,

- Camera coverage,

- Loss of focus and loss of camera signal

Response to the motion:

- Alarm on the monitor, sound alarm, E-mail, phone calls, activation

- Pan-tilt

- And visual alarm signal

Person Counter:

- When a person moves through a defined

- Self-chosen field for a

- Second field in the image, the software can count the number of persons

- Which has passed.

Remote Monitoring:

- The software can be remotely monitored locally or via the Internet from

  Client PC

- IPhone, iPad, and Android.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom control:

- Yes

Camera Control via external sensors:

- Yes

Operating systems:

- Windows 7 (32/64-bit) and Vista / XP and

- Windows Server 2008 (32/64-bit)


- The software supports more than 1,300 cameras

- From over 60 manufacturers.


- Danish / Swedish / English / German and several