Pro Mic 2 White

Model: Pro Mic 2 White
( 1.759,20 )
Availability: Leadtime is 30-40 day(s)
  • Read about the new exciting replacement here...
    ( 903,20 )

     DS-2CD2143G0-IS has expired - and replaced by DS-2CD2143G2-IS

    DS-2CD2143G2-IS is an enhanced version of the DS-2CD2143G0-IS with various enhancements included in Human & Vehicle Detection, which is an incredibly smart system that automatically detects people and cars on the recordings.

    Read much more about it - and everything else on the product page for the new version: DS-2CD2143G2-IS 

    We have kept the product page for DS-2CD2143G0-IS, so you always have easy access to the documentation.

  • 79,00
    ( 63,20 )
    - Phono cable for audio components

- Sound set.
- 1 piece. microphone for Indoor use
- 1 piece. amplifier for microphone
- Microphone is available in White
- Power supply: 230V AC
- Supplied with 6m connection cable, 3-pole mini XLR / XLR