Lanview LVR261816D 19'' 1U Rack Powerstrip 10A med 5 x dansk typ K

Modell: LVR261816D
( 312,48 )
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Denna nätkontakt består av 5x jordade danska typ K-uttag med 3 meter nätsladd, redo för montering i ett 1U rackskåp.

Length 482mm
Width 44,4mm
Hight 44,4 mm
Power outlet 5 x 220V grounded
Danish Type K
Power Plug 3 meter Danish Type K plug
Housing Metal, black material plastic
Product Series AUE2250
Socket Type DK 1-3A Danmark socket[5];
Socket Quantity 5
Power Input Left end single input
Bracket Install Frontal installation
Cable with plug DK 1-3a Denmark plug
Control Function Single power indicator
Protection Function No protecting function
Case Black
Cable Specification 3 x 1.5 mm2 x 3M
Product Size L x W x H = 482 x 44.4 x 44.4 mm
Mounting Length 461 mm
Case Length 429 mm
PDU Exponent 0,766
Fittings 2pcs φ6×16mm cross bolt, 2pcs M6 float nut
Product Name Designated Power Distribution Unit for Cabinet
Specification Model AUE2250K1-05AHSPMB
Rating voltage 250VAC 50/60Hz
Rating Current 10A
Max. Current -
Max. Power 2500W
Safety Authentication CE
Logo RoHS
Producer  -
Socket assemble No
Interior Connection Wire 1.5 mm2(16AWG)
Interior Connection Style Standard connection
Fix the Cable Small cable clamp
Module Assemble
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Pls refer to attached drawing