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Razor wire is perfect for perimeter safety

Razor wire perfect for laying on the ground because they are 45 centimeters in diameter and 10-12 meter long. 

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Razor wire is ideal for parimeter safety. This is not the same as normal barbed wire because Razor wire is pulled out in the form as a sausage at the lenght 10-12 meters with 45 centimeters in diameter. This razorwire is extremly hard to enter through. 

The knife sharp wings as well as the short distance between them, can get the most dedicated intruders to give up. If you get stuck in the razor wire it is pretty hard to get free. 


Razor wire is constructed in a unique design that makes it very diffecult to cut with normal tools, and on the other side not safe because the thread is spring and jumps in every direction when cutted. 


Without tools it is practically impossible to get through Razor wire.


Lenght: 10-12 meters 

Core: Spring steel & Zink 

Cape: Galvanized Steel

Diamete: 45 CM

Hit: 56 times


Use c-clips for extension ofthe wires