PowerWalker VI 1500 CW FR UPS

Modell: VI 1500
4.688,00  Incl. Moms
( 3.750,40  Excl. Moms )
lager: Leadtime is 30-40 day(s)
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Technical Specification
Power 650 VA / 360W 850 VA / 480 W 1200 VA / 600 W 2200 VA / 1200 W
Voltage 162-290 VAC (Nominal 230VAC)
Frequency Range 50Hz or 60Hz (self-adaptive)
Voltage 230 VAC
Voltage Regulation +/- 10% in battery mode
Frequency Accuracy +/- 1Hz in battery mode
Transfer Time Typical 4-8 ms, maximal 10ms
Outlets 2 x Schuko or
2 x French or
4x IEC
2 x Schuko + 2 x IEC or
2 x French + 2 x IEC or
6x IEC
Surge Protection RJ-11 surge protection RJ-45 / RJ-11 surge protection
Protection Overload, discharge and overcharge protection
Port USB
Software PowerWalker WinPower
Alternatively works with native power management in O/S
LED Indicators in VI SH AC Mode: green LED lighting; Battery
Mode: green LED flashing
AC Mode: green LED lighting; Battery
Mode: yellow LED flashing
LCD in VI SHL Input/output voltage and frequency; load level, battery level, warnings, modes
Batteries 1 x 7Ah/12V 1 x 9Ah/12V 2 x 7Ah/12V 2 x 9Ah/12V
Recharge Time 4-6h recovery time to 90% of the capacity
Humidity 0-90 % RH at 0-40degC (non-condensing)
Noise Level No fan Less than 45dB
Fan Logic No fan ON: in battery mode, AVR
mode and in LINE mode if
load is >50% or battery
voltage below 13.4VDC



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