Monitoring of car dealers and their parking lots

As a car dealer, you display some unusually expensive goods.

When there must be both good access to the cars - and you must protect your valuables at the same time, effective video surveillance is important.

We have the right solutions for that - and we know how to keep costs down.

Number plate recognition

See who has been visiting

Would you like to know who has visited your business and when?

Then automatic number plate recognition is a good solution.

You can get a message on your mobile when cars you know are approaching - or you can get a message when unknown cars come to visit.

You can even control a gate so that only license plates that you have approved enter.

Active deterrence

Discourage the bandit

Can you imagine anything more demotivating as a thief than being hit by a white cone of light and a voice saying that a patrol has been called?

The cameras can do that independently today - and even at the same time as a picture of the thief is sent to your phone.

The best thing is to bring us along from the start, then we can have a dialogue about how to best secure the farm and the buildings and how to place your valuables so that they are easiest (read: cheapest) to protect - this is called security by design.

Remote access

Access to your pocket

Regardless of whether you are on holiday - or just out on an overdrive - you have full access from your mobile.

You can watch live, rewind and get instant notifications of "rule breaks" from around the world, on phones, tablets and computers.

We can help you set it all up so that you only have to remember your username and a code if you change phones, otherwise you just log in with your fingerprint or Face ID.

You easily control who can see, which cameras they can see - and whether you want to block access again.

PTZ - fully automatic cameras

Zoom a kilometer

If you want to get really close to the events, there is nothing better than a PTZ camera. If you have not seen before what 25 times zoom is capable of - then you will be surprised when you can recognize a person from half a kilometer away or more.

Many of these types of cameras can patrol themselves - and when it finds something interesting, it can latch on and follow the person around the grounds while taking some impressive close-up photos.

A PTZ camera can really unfold on a farm - and help keep an eye on what is happening in the field or on the riding track.


Access to your own technician

Maybe you're really interested in surveillance, like us - maybe you think you're made for bigger things.

Regardless of whether you want sparring or you just want help - we have the experts who are ready to jump on the task.

It can be choosing the right equipment, configuring and tuning the equipment, making extracts for the police, changing passwords - or just making a review that everything is as it should be.