Here you can download software to configure and operate your equipment. Most manufacturers have made software for Windows and some make software for Mac.

Most things can be done directly from a browser - but sometimes the software gives just a little extra options.

Hikvision / SADP tool
SADP tool

If you want an overview of all Hikvision cameras that are connected to the network, then the SADP tool is just the thing.

In addition to giving you an overview, the tool also gives you the opportunity to ...

  • give the cameras an IP address (or turn on DHCP)
  • give the cameras their first password
  • renew the cameras' password, with a reset file (can be ordered at the web shop)

SADP tool
Hikvision / iVMS4200

Whether you need to make a list of license plates that must open the door, see which faces the camera has recognized - or find recordings based on the voucher number in a supermarket, iVMS is your friend.

iVMS-4200 is a central part of Hikvision's software package. The software can be used to configure their cameras and intercoms - but can also act as an entire monitoring center. The program is free - and there are no fees.

The program supports end-to-end encryption between the PC and the cameras.


Program for Hikvision's burglar alarms, camera surveillance and intercom

See what you can do in the iVMS-4200

Scans the network and finds all Dahua cameras. Can also configure the cameras and their IP addresses

Configuration Manager 7

Bosch Config Manager for all Bosch IP Network Video Products

Axis IP Utility

Axis' tool for finding cameras on the web and giving them IP address


Link to Jablotron's download portal

BlackVue Viewer

View footage BlackVue footage on your PC or Mac

Ezviz PC Studio

Program for Ezviz surveillance cameras and sports cam