Get help setting up your equipment

Instead of you having to pay for a technician to come to your home, you can now get one-on-one online support - collaborating directly on your computer.

Because we save on travel time and everything else, and want to treat our customers well - we can afford to assign the country's most skilled technicians to the task.

If you already have a remote support agreement, book a time in the calendar here. You will then be called at the agreed time. Typically, the technician will suggest working on things on your computer.

In practice, this means you install AnyDesk (download it here), launch the program, and share the codes that appear on the screen with the technician. And you're off!

The typical tasks experts assist with are the setup and tuning of your camera system or alarm - or addressing related issues.

This could be, for example...

  • port forwarding on your router
  • setting up rules in the cameras
  • configuring EZView or Hik-connect on your phone

If you don’t already have a remote support agreement, just purchase one of the products listed right below...

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Model: Fjernsupport250
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Model: Fjernsupport500
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