Hard disk recorder for 4 cameras with and without PoE

Which NVR should I choose?

You must choose an NVR with PoE : If the cables from all your surveillance cameras all end at the recorder. The hard disk recorder has built-in ports for each camera and takes care of supplying power to the cameras through the network cable itself. You therefore also save a 230v plug, as you do not need a separate PoE switch. Financially, there is not much difference, so you must choose the one that best suits your installation

You should choose an NVR without PoE: If it is easier to run the cables to the nearest switch or the cameras are on a different network. The smart thing about a recorder without PoE is a very flexible system, e.g. if you need to have 4 cameras located in an extension or the other end of the house, then you only need to run the cables to the nearest switch and then a single cable from that switch to the next.

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