Barbed wire to secure your property

Barbed wire fencing is an easy way to secure an area against unwanted guests. It has a great preventive effect. There is the completely traditional barbed wire that runs in one thread, but there is also Nato Barbed Wire, which is also called Razor Wire or razor blade barbed wire.

Please note that the individual turns in our NATO wire are interlaced (X-shaped) and thus provide more effective protection than a NATO wire which is loosely coiled lengthwise (without interlacing the turns - no X-shape).

We have a large selection of barbed wire and accessories

Please note that we always have stock of Nato Pigwire and can deliver express throughout Denmark.

Minimum stock:
80 rolls 45cm Nato barbed wire
10 rolls 70cm Nato Barbed Wire
5 rolls 100cm Nato Barbed Wire

Is barbed wire legal? Barbed wire can be very dangerous and is therefore regulated under the provisions of the Fencing Act.
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There are many types of barbed wire fences, here you can read a little about the different types

Nato Barbed Wire

Nato barbed wire is incredibly sharp, which is why it is also called razor blade barbed wire. It's twisted around itself, so it's also really hard to cut without it popping out to all sides. A roll extends approx. 8-10 meters when you stretch it out. We recommend 8 metres, as it is then closer and more difficult to get through.

There are many different lengths and designs. 45cm is the smallest and is perfect for mounting on a fence or the railing of a ship. This is the one you often see in prisons and military installations. 70cm can be laid directly on the ground or placed on a large wall. 100cm is absolutely perfect for rolling out directly on the ground. We also have a roll of 50m Nato barbed wire. It is intended to roll out, so you can bend it yourself as you wish.

Depending on the task, it sometimes makes sense to get specially designed brackets or Y brackets for your installation. We can get it made for you.

Ordinary barbed wire

The classic barbed wire that everyone knows. It runs on a wire with small spikes spaced a few centimeters apart. It is incredibly easy to set up and can be mounted almost anywhere without any other equipment.

Wall spike

Wall spikes are incredibly sharp and are intended to be mounted on top of a wall or a door. It comes in 1.20m and is very easy to install.


When you have to install barbed wire, it is a good idea to prepare a little beforehand. It is incredibly sharp and you can quickly cut yourself if you are not careful.
We have cut-free gloves that can do the job, so you don't have to cut your fingers.