100cm NATO Barbed Wire X-shaped - 175m

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NATO Barbed Wire 100cm

  • X-shaped - professional quality
  • 10-12 meters in rolled together (175m wire length extended)
  • ALWAYS a minimum of 5 rolls in stock!
  • Can be express delivered


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Nato barbed wire, also called razor blade barbed wire is perfect for perimeter securing. It can not be compared to ordinary barbed wire, as the Natopig wire is pulled out into a sausage of 10-12 meters that is 100cm in diameter. That makes it incredibly difficult to climb it.

Please note that the individual turns in our NATO wire are intertwined (X-shaped) and thus provide more effective protection than a NATO wire, which is freely wound helically in length (without braiding the turns - no X-shape).

The razor-sharp wings, as well as the short distance between them, can cause even the very dedicated intruder to lose heart and give up again. Once stuck, it is very difficult to get free!

The natopig wire is made in a completely unique construction that makes it difficult to cut over with ordinary tools and this is also not harmless, as the wire is tensioned like a spring and therefore jumps in all directions if it is cut. Wire length is 175m, but rolled up it covers an area of ​​10-12m. You must calculate 1 roll per. 10meter


CAUTION: Barbed wire barriers are very sharp and can cause serious stab and cut injuries !!! Work the NATO thread very carefully and with appropriate protective clothing. You will also find suitable assembly tools in our store.


Length: 10-12 meters
Thread length: 175m
Core: Spring steel & zinc
Sheath: Galvanized steel
Diameter: 100 cm
Beats: 56 times


Note! Barbed wire can be expressly delivered 

Use c-klips to attach or extend the natopig wire



See the law on the use of barbed wire here: https://ipcam-shop.dk/en/information/law-on-barbed-wire/