Ajax is smart, reliable and lightning fast alarm system from Ukraine. It only reacts to real dangers and not to false alarms. If something happens, Ajax will notify you immediately so you can make the right decision. With a huge selection of accessories, you can secure all your valuables, both inside the house and the company but also the values outside, such as wood pellets, oil tanks or vehicles.

Complete kits

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The kit includes a central unit which is the heart of the alarm system.
It is the central unit that sends a message to your mobile if there is a break-in.


If you have, you can supplement with more sensors, depending on how much you need to secure.
Ranging from room sensors and magnetic switches, to components that report flooding, fire or temperature.


If you want to stress out the thief, you need sirens. You will find both indoor and outdoor sirens here. All sirens wireless and easy to connect.


The alarm can be operated from your mobile phone. If you would like to make it easy to disconnect the alarm at the back door - you will find chip readers, keyboards and remote controls here.