Protective gloves

Model: Pigtrådshandsker
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Cutting protection gloves with PU coating for mounting barbed wire

Protective gloves are important when working with sharp or pointed objects, such as barbed wire. This way you ensure that you do not injure your hands.
The gloves have the highest level of protection 5 and therefore the glove protects the most important tool you have ... Namely your hands.

Due to the PU coating, the glove is always clean and dry. It is also breathable for your hands, as the back of the glove is breathable. The barbed wire glove is robust and comfortable to wear. the glove can be used for many different things, e.g. when working or handling sharp steel, barbed wire, knife blades etc.

The gloves are manufactured in accordance with EN 388

Level of protection 5
- Good feeling of touch
- Partially coated with breathable back of hand
- High abrasion resistance
- Good fit and comfortable to wear
- Protective gloves against mechanical hazards according to EN388
- 4542 marking (abrasion resistance, cutting resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance)
- Str. M