Dahua NVR4104-P-EI 4 Channel WinSense AI NVR records with PoE

Model: NVR4104-P-EI
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Dahua WinSense NVR records for 4 cameras with AI technology

  • Dahua 4-channel recorder for IP cameras (NVR)
  • Can be accessed directly from the APP on mobile and tablet
  • Connect TV/Screen with HDMI and VGA
  • Has 4 integrated PoE ports
  • Human and vehicle detection
  • Human and vehicle recognition
  • Dahua is a strong brand and makes quality products


Main Processor

Industrial-grade processor

Operating System

Embedded Linux

Operating Interface

Web; Local GUI


AI by Recorder

Face detection, face recognition, perimeter protection, and SMD Plus

AI by Camera

Face detection; face recognition; perimeter protection; SMD Plus; people counting; stereo analysis; heat map

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Performance AI by Recorder (Number of Channels)

2 channels, 10 IVS rules for each channel

Perimeter Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels)

4 channels

Face Detection

Face Attributes

Gender; age group; glasses; expressions; face mask; beard

Face Detection Performance of AI by Recorder (Number of Channels)

1 channel (up to 12 face images/s each channel)

Face Detection Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels)

4 channels

Face Recognition

Face Database Capacity

Up to 10 face databases with 20,000 images, with a total capacity of 2.5 G. Name, gender, birthday, address, credential type, credential No., countries & regions and state can be added to each face image.

Face Recognition Performance of AI by Recorder (Number of Channels)

4-channel FD (by camera) + FR (by recorder),image stream: 12 face images/s
1-channel FD (by recorder) + FR (by recorder), video stream: 12 face images/s

Face Recognition Performance of AI by Camera (Number of Channels)

4 channels

SMD Plus

SMD Plus by Recorder

4 channels: Secondary filtering for human and motor vehicle, reducing false alarms caused by leaves, rain and lighting condition change

SMD Plus by Camera

4 channels

Audio and Video

Access Channel

4 channels

Network Bandwidth

80 Mbps incoming, 80 Mbps recording and 80 Mbps outgoing


16 MP; 12 MP; 8 MP; 6 MP; 5 MP; 4 MP; 3 MP; 1080p; 960p; 720p; D1; CIF

Decoding Capability

AI disabled: 2-channel 16 MP@30 fps; 2-channel 12 MP@30 fps; 4-channel 8 MP@30 fps
AI enabled: 1-channel 16 MP@30 fps; 2-channel 12 MP@30 fps; 3-channel 8 MP@30 fps; 4-channel 5 MP@30 fps

Video Output

HDMI: 3840 × 2160, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 1024, 1280 × 720
VGA: 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 1024, 1280 × 720
*Simultaneous/heterogeneous video sources output for VGA and HDMI is configurable.

Multi-screen Display

1st Screen: 1/4
2nd Screen: 1/4

Third-party Camera Access

Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Axis, Pelco, Arecont, ONVIF, Canon

Compression Standard

Video Compression

Smart H.265+; H.265; Smart H.264+; H.264; MJPEG

Audio Compression

G.711a; G.711u; PCM; G726


Network Protocol

HTTP; HTTPS; TCP/IP; IPv4/IPv6; UPnP; SNMP; UDP; SMTP; NTP; DHCP; DNS; IP Filter; PPPoE; DDNS; FTP; Alarm Server; IP Search (Support Dahua IP camera; DVR; NVS; etc.); P2P; auto register

Mobile Phone Access

iOS; Android


ONVIF 22.06(Profile T; Profile S; Profile G); CGI; SDK


Chrome; IE9 and later; Firefox

Recording Playback

Multi-channel Playback

Up to 4 channels

Record Mode

General, motion detection; intelligent; alarm

Backup Method

USB device and network

Playback Mode

Instant playback, general playback, event playback, tag playback, smart playback


General Alarm

Motion detection; privacy masking; video loss; scene changing; PIR alarm; IPC external alarm

Anomaly Alarm

Camera disconnection; storage error; disk full; IP conflict; MAC conflict; login locked; and cybersecurity exception

Intelligent Alarm

Face detection; face recognition; perimeter protection; SMD Plus; people counting; stereo analysis; heat map

Alarm Linkage

Record; snapshot; IPC external alarm output; audio; buzzer; log; preset; email


Audio Input

1-channel RCA

Audio Output

1-channel RCA

HDD Interface

1 SATA port, up to 16 TB.The maximum HDD capacity varies with environment temperature.


2 (2 rear USB 2.0 ports)





Network Port

1 (10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, RJ-45)

PoE Port

4 ports, 10/100 Mbps, IEEE 802.3 af/at


Power Supply

53 VDC, 1.226 A

Power Consumption

Total output of NVR is <10 W(without HDD) Total output power of PoE is 36W,the maximum output power of asingle port is 25.5W

Net Weight

0.50 kg (1.10 lb)

Gross Weight

1.38 kg (3.04 lb)

Product Dimensions

204.6 mm × 206.4 mm × 45.6 mm (8.06" × 8.12" × 1.80") (W × L × H)

Packaging Dimensions

364 mm × 96 mm × 261 mm (14.33" × 3.78" × 10.26") (W × L × H)

Operating Temperature

–10 °C to +55 °C (14 °F to +131 °F)

Storage Temperature

–20 °C to +60 °C (–4 °F to +140 °F)

Operating Humidity

10%–93% (RH)


Rack or desktop


FCC: 47 CFR FCC Part15, SubpartB, Class A
CE-EMC: EN 55032:2015+A1:2020; EN IEC 61000-3-2:2019+A1:2021; EN 61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019+A2:2021; EN 55035:2017+A11:2020; EN 50130-4:2011+A1:2014
CE-LVD: EN 62368-1:2014

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NVR recorder with AI that can handle up to 4 IP cameras

A small network recorder that supports up to four IP cameras in up to 8MP (4K). It is very suitable for home use and small businesses

WizSense (AI)

Is an AI technology from Dahua, which provides an incredible number of cool functions in the recorder. Person and vehicle detection enables the recorder to detect whether a person or a vehicle is approaching and notify you directly on the mobile. The technology has become so good that you almost avoid false alarms.
Person and vehicle recognition is an even smarter function that makes it possible to recognize e.g. a face of a human being. If there is a person who looks suspicious, you can go back in the footage and search for when that face has been there. Both functions are in the recorder itself.

The recorder also supports Heat-Mapping and people counting, but only if the camera also supports it.

Watch live and rewind easily, directly from your mobile

With Dahua's app, you can easily rewind the recorded material or watch live, directly from your mobile or tablet. The app is very user-friendly and can be set in the language you want.
The system has HDMI and VGA output, which also makes it possible to put it on a screen.

Hard drive

The recorder has space for one hard drive of up to 16TB. You can use our hard drive calculator further down the page to see what size suits your needs.

PoE - Should I choose with or without integrated PoE?

Both models each have their advantages. It depends on whether you have already pulled all your cables, or whether you have to do a completely new installation.

With integrated PoE:
Here you have the PoE ports directly behind the recorder, which means you have to pull all the cables from the cameras to the recorder. That way, you have it all together in one place and in the programming itself, it is a little easier, because the recorder itself distributes IP addresses to the cameras.

Without integrated PoE:
Here you usually have a little more flexibility in your installation, but this requires a separate PoE switch. The recorder is often the cheaper one, so the price is roughly the same.
With a PoE switch, you can make less cable runs, as you have the option of placing the switch on e.g. the ceiling. That way, you only have to run the cables from the cameras to the switch, and from there only one cable further down to your router and recorder.
With a switch, you can actually connect it to the network however you want, as long as it is connected to each other. It offers much more flexibility, especially on larger installations.

NVR4104-P-EI has 4 integrated PoE ports

  • Supports 1 HDD, up to 16TB
  • See "live" and "playback" from the APP
  • Connect TV and monitor via HDMI
  • Can be controlled with a mouse, like a PC
  • Can send push messages to your mobile
  • 1 piece. RJ45 ports for network cable - for internet / local network
  • USB ports for mouse and USB plug
  • 4 PoE Ports
  • Human and vehicle detection
  • Human and vehicle recognition
  • Dahua makes quality products

Hvor stor en harddisk skal jeg vælge?

Optagere leveres som udgangspunkt uden harddisk, for behovet er ikke det samme for alle.

Når du optager din videoovervågning, så er der flere ting der påvirker, hvor meget optagelserne fylder.
Helt oplagt så betyder antallet af kameraer, og deres opløsning meget - men din konfiguration, og hvor meget der sker foran kameraet, har også en betydning.

Udgangspunktet er, at man hellere skal optage en time for meget end et minut for lidt. Omvendt gider normalt kun nordmænd lave videoer, der viser at græsset gror.

Brug beregneren til at få en fornemmelse af dit pladsbehov. Synes du det er spændende, så læs lidt mere om pladsoptimering nederst på siden. Og har du vigtigere ting for - så bare ring til os...


1) Vælg kameraets opløsning...

2) Vælg antal kameraer...

3) Vælg størrelsen på harddisken...

4) Vælg antal timer med optagelse per dag... 6

1 time

24 timer


Lagringspladsen svarer til cirka timers videooptagelse.

Med 6 timers optagelse pr dag, kan du typisk gå dage tilbage i tid.1)

1) Værdierne er tilnærmede, og baseret på typiske indstillinger med 25 billeder i sekundet og h265 komprimering.