Shoplifting monitoring for your business

See all the good solutions here. If you get someone to screw it up and plug in the wires - then we handle all the technical stuff. In this way, you can really open up the smart solutions without it costing the world.

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Outdoor surveillance

Discreet and efficiently

Unfortunately, many thieves today see a shop without surveillance as a take-away table. Video surveillance has time and again been shown to have the desired behavior-regulating effect. Therefore, it can be a good idea to show that safety has been thought about.

If the goods are also outside at night, a surveillance camera can start a siren/speaker and flashing lights when someone climbs over the fence. (And orient yourself at the same time)

Indoor surveillance

Limit theft

With quality indoor cameras, you can safely be away from home. Cameras leave no shadow of doubt as to whether there are, or have been, intruders. A quick look at the phone reveals everything.

Important things to prioritize with indoor cameras are aesthetics and good features for getting a clear image in the dark.

Remote access

Access from your pocket

Whether you have fixed internet in the store we can use or whether we need to help you with a mobile router (3G/4G/5G), we create a solution that allows you to watch live, rewind and receive instant messages at "rule -break" from around the world, on phones, tablets and computers.

We can help you set it all up so that you only have to remember your username and a code if you change phones, otherwise you just log in with your fingerprint or Face ID.

You easily control who can see, which cameras they can see - and whether you want to block access again


See all of today's customers

When an incident has occurred during the day and you have to find the person in question, it can be a time-consuming process.

We have a system that takes a picture of the face of all the people who move in the store. When you need to find a specific person, you just click on and an album will be presented, after which you can press on the desired image and view the recordings.

Of course, you can also just print or send it to the police.

Face recognition

Responder on a specific person

If there are problems with shoplifters coming again or if you have to receive a VIP customer, you can easily be at the forefront with facial recognition.

You can make several different albums, e.g. quarantine, VIP, employee, etc. - and when a person is recognized, a picture is sent directly to your mobile phone.

Easy and quick. It's almost like having a full-time guard at the front door.


Overview over customer traffic

Imagine that you can see in a single image how all the customers move through the store. This function is called "heatmapping", and it is particularly suitable for shops and shopping centres. As you can see in the picture, it is illustrated very simply with colors, the warmer the color, the more traffic in the area.

you want heatmapping in your store, you just need the right camera and there are no hidden fees or subscriptions, you just have to turn it on. We can even help you with the setup.


POS - Point Of Sales

Everything that happens on your cash register can also be presented on the camera image and it is even searchable.

If you need to find the recordings from a special transaction or why a discount has been given - then you can actually search by, for example, the product name or the amount, and then find the relevant recording(s).

It's called POS integration and is standard in all our professional recorders.


Access to your own technician

Maybe you're really interested in surveillance, like us - maybe you think you're made for bigger things.

Regardless of whether you want sparring or you just want help - we have the experts who are ready to jump on the task.

It can be choosing the right equipment, configuring and tuning the equipment, making extracts for the police, changing passwords - or just making a review that everything is as it should be.