BlackVue DR750X-1CH Plus 2MP 32GB Car Camera

Model: BV-DR750X-1CHPlus
( 1.919,20 )
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A serious camera that automatically records and locks the files in the event of an accident

Get all the events saved also by parking.

  • local wifi so you can watch your recordings on your mobile - even when you are on the go
  • front camera in Full HD
  • Easily connects to 12v in the car
  • the camera even protects the recordings if it detects that the car is involved in an accident

With the right power supply, the cameras can detect and record video if someone drives into your car while it is parked.


Model Name DR750X-1CH Plus

1CH (upgradable to 2CH)


Full HD, Cloud, Wi-Fi, GPS, Sony Sensor, External LTE Module

Product Dimensions

W 118.5 mm (4.67″) x H 36 mm (1.42″) / 103 g (3.7 oz)

Memory Support

microSD card up to 256GB

Recording Modes

– Normal,
– Event (Impact Detection / Speed Limit / Manual),
– Parking Mode (Impact+Region-based Motion Detection, Timelapse+Events)

Parking Mode

YES (with 3-wire hardwiring cable – included)

Parking Mode Event Voice Notifications


Imaging Sensor

Sony STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1MP)

Viewing Angle

Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°

Resolution Frame Rate

Full HD @60fps
* Frame rate may vary during Wi-Fi streaming

Video Codec

H.264 (AVC)

Image Quality and Bitrate Front/Rear

Highest (Extreme): 25 Mbps
Highest: 12 Mbps
High: 10 Mbps
Normal: 8 Mbps

Format Free

YES (Adaptive)

Event File Overwrite Protection

YES (up to 50)

SD Card Failure Alert


Scheduled Reboot


Video File Extension



Built-in (802.11 b.g.n)

Cloud Compatible



Built-in (Dual Band : GPS, GLONASS)





Impact Sensor

3-Axis Acceleration Sensor

LED Indicators

Recording LED, GPS LED, LTE/Wi-Fi LED, Front Security LED, Proximity Sensing indicator LED


Button: Wi-Fi ON/OFF (Press)
Proximity sensor: Mic ON/OFF / Trigger Manual Recording / OFF (configurable)

Operation Temperature

-20 °C − 80 °C (-4 °F − 176 °F)

Storage Temperature

-20 °C − 80 °C (-4 °F − 176 °F )

High Temp Cut Off

Approx. 80 °C (176 °F)

Backup Battery

Built-in supercapacitor

Input Power

DC 12V-24V (DC Plug (Ø3.5 x Ø1.1)) to Wires (Black: GND / Yellow: B+ / Red: ACC)

Power Consumption Hour

Normal Mode (WiFi On / GPS On / 1CH) : Avg. 250mA / 12V
Normal Mode (WiFi Off / GPS On / 1CH) : Avg. 200mA / 12V
Parking Mode (WiFi On / GPS Off / 1CH) : Avg. 230mA / 12V
Parking Mode (WiFi Off / GPS Off / 1CH) : Avg. 180mA / 12V
* Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment




e BlackVue Viewer
* Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X Sierra (10.12) or higher


BlackVue Application (Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 11.0 or higher)


Adaptive Format-Free File Management System

LTE External (optional)

Recording time

Model Memory Capacity Image Quality Resolution
DR750X-1CH /
DR750X-1CH Plus
    Full HD @60fps
16GB Extreme 1 HR 15 MIN
Highest 2 HR 35 MIN
High 3 HR
Normal 3 HR 50 MIN
32GB Extreme 2 HR 30 MIN
Highest 5 HR 10 MIN
High 6 HR
Normal 7 HR 40 MIN
64GB Extreme 5 HR
Highest 10 HR 20 MIN
High 12 HR
Normal 15 HR 20 MIN
128GB Extreme 10 HR
Highest 20 HR 40 MIN
High 24 HR
Normal 30 HR 40 MIN
256GB Extreme 20 HR
Highest 41 HR 20 MIN
High 48 HR
Normal 61 HR 20 MIN
Bitrate (Mbps) Extreme 25
Highest 12
High 10
Normal 8
  Free Plan Smart Plan Fleet Plan*
Subscription fee (in USD) None $11.99 /mo (+ $9 per extra dashcam) $24.99 /mo (+ $15 per extra dashcam)
Max. Dashcams / Account 1 3 999
Users per Account 1 1 Master: 1 - Submaster: 10 - User: 3 (per dashcam)
Live view / Day 10 minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Remote Video Playback and Download / Month 100 times Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage 5GB 5GB per dashcam 15GB per dashcam
Push Notifications      
Two-way Voice Communication      
Live GPS      
Email Notifications      
Multi Live View (Viewer)      
GPS Tracking   7 days 90 days
Geofence Setup (Windows Viewer) & Alerts (Viewer & App)      
Event Live Auto upload** 7 days 30 days 30 days
Live Event upload*** 7 days 30 days 30 days
Video On Map***      

*: subscribe to a Fleet Plan on
**: DR650S Series only.
***: not supported by DR650GW and DR650S Series models.

More info on Blackvue`s Cloud here

The long description

If you are looking for a camera for the car that you can access from your mobile, send you messages, throw the recordings up in the cloud and much more - then this is the camera you must have '

Note the video shows a 4K camera and with rear window camera.

About the windshield camera (FullHD)
BlackVue's windscreen camera is definitely one of the best cameras for the car or truck we have tested. It's packed with cool features like GPS, 4G, WiFi hotspot, microphone, 3-axis accelerometer that can detect accidents and G impact, rear window camera, Parking mode and much more, as you can see in the specifications further down the page. The recordings can either be played directly on the mobile over WiFi or by moving the SD card to your computer and using the program that comes with it. In the program you have the full overview, as you then see both windscreen camera + rear window camera + location on google maps / road maps while you can also see the results on the different meters, so you can see how hard you brake, accelerate or swings in the vehicle. Watch a demonstration of these things in the video below.

The recordings are in FullHD (2MP) and can be played directly from mobile / tablet / PC or uploaded automatically to a cloud. The cloud storage space is owned by BlackVu and there may be a fee associated with using it, but it is only necessary if you want backup automatically. The cloud is free for a single cam per. user - read more about the cloud here

Parking condition is clearly a thing that should also be mentioned. The camera can also protect the car when it is parked. This means that if the vehicle is hit unmanned, the camera will record the incident and lock the file.

How parking mode works:


WiFi and microphone can be turned on and off separately. Wifi is turned off by pressing the button at the right end (seen from the driver's position) and the microphone is turned off by the hand of the hand near the left end of the camera by a sensor. Both parts are acknowledged by voice: "Wifi / audio-recording enabled or disabled, but it is also possible to see a WiFi symbol on the camera.

Recordings are saved in FHD in H265 format - so the large files can be compressed as best as possible.

Cool features that also just deserve to be mentioned

  • Overwrite protection : The camera automatically records and also overwrites the oldest files automatically, so you do not have to change the card or do anything to maintain operation. BUT if an accident happens, it's very cool that those recordings are not overwritten. AND THEY DON'T, because the camera can detect an accident itself and "write protect" the files leading up to the accident. You can also manually lock the files.

  • Detection of errors on SD card : SD card can be worn down and fail, if an error occurs on the card so the camera can not record, a voice will say: "Please check SD card" voice alert.


The kit contains:

  • Windshield camera
  • 16GB MicroSD Card (BlackVue)
  • Power cable for permanent mounting (mounting in the car's wiring harness)
  • Power cable for temporary mounting (cigarette lighter)
  • microSD card reader (for use in PC without card reader / USB)
  • Cable clips
  • Double-sided tape for the mounting bracket
  • List tool (easily save cables behind the lists)
  • Quick start guide




About the Installation:
It does not take long to install the camera. There are two ways to connect it to power.

  1. With the included cigarette lighter socket
  2. Directly in the car wiring (If you need to know which wiring to use, contact your local mechanic, they know all about it. They can often do the installation as well.)

The installation includes the following phases:

  1. Insert SD card.
  2. Insert the windscreen camera into the desired position (Double-sided adhesive tape)
  3. Insert the rear window camera in the desired position (Double-sided adhesive tape)
  4. Pull cable from rear to windscreen camera (cable can almost always be saved in lists - watch our videos)
  5. Connect power
  6. Download the app and set up the camera as you wish.

Watch an installation video here:


You can also read a little more about the camera on the manufacturer's website by clicking here


For more information, please visit this product's webpage.