M8-300 8mm. Magnetic contact for recessing - 3m

Model: M8-300
( 55,20 )
Availability: Leadtime is 1-2 day(s)

MS (A) -LZ = M8 is intended for monitoring against opening windows, doors etc. Switches and magnets must be installed on non-magnetic window and door frames.

Installation and use of the magnetic contacts is performed according to F&P rules.

The bending radius of the connecting cable must not be less than 12 mm.

When using the M8HUS mounting housing, the magnetic contacts M8 and M8S can be mounted in parallel on the outside of the frame etc.

The M8HUS underlay must be fastened with non-magnetic plate screws using closed spacers and the lid must be securely fastened via the click lock.

EG1 and EG2 are a plastic collar for mounting in plastic, aluminum and metal doors and windows. EG2 comes with extra strong magnet.

The M8 magnetic switch has a neat little collar that prevents the switch from being pushed too far into the frame.

Range 15 mm
Temp. range -25 to +70 degrees
Dimensions ø 8 x 30 mm
Wire 2 red / 2 white conductors incl SAB
Color white

  • 299,00
    ( 239,20 )
    • God magnetkontakt med flere funktioner.
    • Kan bruges som almindelig magnetkontakt
    • Kan også tilsluttes 2 eksterne magneter eller andre enheder.
    • Rækkevidde 1.6 KM og 3 års batterilevetid (20 aktiveringer dagligt)
    • Kendes også som en universal sender. God all-around detektor
    • Perfekt til f.eks. trådløs overførsel fra Aktiv skud (Laserhegn)