Digitus 19 "7U Wall Rack 600x450 BLACK

Model: DN-19 07-U-EC-SW
( 1.119,20 )
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Height units (U) Height in
Product dimensions
(HxWxD) in mm
Packaging dimensions
(HxWxD) in mm
weight in kg
7U 416 mm 600x450 mm
600x600 mm
480x660x510 mm
480x660x660 mm
16.5 kg / 18.0 kg
24.0 kg / 25.0 kg
9U 505 mm 600x450 mm
600x600 mm
565x660x510 mm
565x660x660 mm
17.5 kg / 19.0 kg
26.0 kg / 28.0 kg
12U 638 mm 600x450 mm
600x600 mm
695x660x510 mm
695x660x660 mm
22.0 kg / 23.5 kg
29.0 kg / 30.5 kg
16U 816 mm 600x450 mm
600x600 mm

875x660x510 mm
875x660x660 mm
26.0 kg / 28.0 kg
34.0 kg / 35.0 kg

7U wall mounting cabinet 416x600x450 mm, color black (RAL 9005)

  • The 19-inch networking housing has 7 rack units for the installation of network and server units as well as components for audio applications - The maximum installation depth is 36.5 cm
  • For cable guidance, pre-cut openings are provided in the floor, roof and back wall that can be opened as required - The safety glass door has an opening angle of 210 °
  • With its removable side walls, the network distributor offers excellent accessibility for the maintenance and installation of integrated IT components such as patch fields, switches or socket strips
  • If the passive ventilation of the wall housing is not sufficient for devices such as routers, NAS, UPS, telecommunications systems, a separately available fan module can be installed in the roof of the data cabinet
  • The door hinge of the lockable front door can be switched from the left to the right as needed - Ideally suited for the digital infrastructure in your company, home network or home office

The Wall Mounting Cabinets of the Dynamic Basic Series are made of a robust steel construction. Stability is given due to the welding spots. The side sections are detachable and the installation on the wall is easy so it can be implemented quickly. Due to their flexibility the cabinets are ideal for all current IT and telecommunication applications.

Technical Details

  • Safety class rating IP20
  • Lockable safety glass door with steel frame
  • 210 ° through opening angle
  • 1-point-locking-mechanism on the front door
  • 483 mm (19 ") profile rails mounted on the front side inside the cabinet, galvanized
  • 483 mm (19 ") profile rails are adjustable in depth and with height unit marking
  • 0.8 - 1.2 mm strong sheet steel with high load capacity, powder coated
  • Cable entry on the rear side, roof and base (pre-punched break-outs)
  • Roof is prepared for fan units (punched out entries)
  • Ventilation slots for active and passive ventilation and exhausting
  • 4 earthing points (base, side panel and front door) with protection cap
  • IP protection class: IP20
  • Color: black, RAL 9005
  • Depth: 450 mm
  • Front door: Glass door, single opening
  • Units: 7
  • Load capacity: 60 kg
  • Mounted: yes
  • Cabinet type: Wall mounting cabinet
  • Width: 600 mm