Kingston Micro SD Card 32GB

Model: Micro SD-Kort 32GB
( 63,20 )
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32GB Micro SD card that is well suited for video surveillance

  • ALWAYS put SD cards in the cameras if the budget can support it.
  • SD card that is very suitable for surveillance cameras.
  • Insert the card into an IP camera and save recordings directly onto the card.
  • The recordings can be downloaded directly from the APP
  • SD cards are always recommended in cameras and even if you have an NVR
  • The Hikvision ANR concept means that if the camera loses connection to the recorder, the camera automatically saves the recordings on the card


Memory cards that are very suitable for backup storage of your video surveillance

The card is a budget-friendly option for backing up your video surveillance. It is class 10 and therefore has a high performance.


- Kingston
- Micro SD card 32GB
- Class 10
- 32 GB
- Including SD adapter



Example of storage time

8MP, H.265, 20FPS, 6144
256GB = approx. 72 hours
128GB = approx. 44 hours
64GB = approx. 21 Hours
32GB = approx. 11 hours

4MP, H.265, 20FPS, 6144
256GB = approx. 168 Hours
128GB = approx. 72 hours
64GB = approx. 24 hours
32GB = approx. 12 hours