Hikvision People Counter Kit "Indoor"

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Hikvision DS-3E0106HP-E 4port PoE + Switch
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20 meter CAT6 U/UTP network cable WHITE
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HDMI 1.3 Cable 2M
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5 meter CAT6 U / UTP network cable WHITE
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Hikvision DS-2CD6825G0/C-IS(2.0mm) Dual-Lens People Counting
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Complete people counter kit for the store! If the number of people exceeds the allowed, it will be shown on the screen.

  • Display the number of customers on screen, get a warning if limits are exceeded (2 limits)
  • The camera counts how many people go in and out
  • The camera can sort out children if desired
  • Direction in/out can be adapted to the current needs
  • The camera gets power from the switch and there is a power supply for the Android box
  • Brackets for the camera are included, so that the comb can be mounted on universal camera tripods

Placering af et ANPG kamera er meget afgørende for genkendelseseffekten. F.eks. må man ikke overskride 30°, hverken horisontalt eller vertikalt.


Først skal du kende dit setup's begrænsninger - gør dig gerne et par tanker om nedenstående billeder eller ring til os, så guider vi dig igennem.

Entry/exit bruges hvis bilerne bremser ned, f.eks. åbning af bom, kryds mm.


Road traffic bruges ved almindelig trafik, f.eks. hvis alle biler der passere skal logges.


Placering af kamera er afgørende, 6-18 meter = 2,8-12 mm, 15-50 meter = 8-32mm

Maksimalt tilt-vinkel er 5°


ANPG setup

Maksimal vinkel er 30°

Hastigheden skal være svarende til lukkerhastigheden på kameraet.


About census
Health authorities, fire authorities etc. can make demands on shops and traders regarding restrictions on the number of customers in a shop, outdoor area, sports hall, community center, restaurant and the like. This can be done in many ways and we offer, in our opinion, the best solution, namely people counting with a camera. The camera can show how many have been in the store, how many are there now and two visual alarms/messages. You can e.g. low "max number of customers" = 100 customers and "soon too many customers" = 90 customers and it is shown on a screen via HDMI and the customers can therefore see for themselves whether they are allowed to enter.

About the kit
The kit contains

  • Android box with SD card
  • People counting camera, with microphone
  • Switch and power supply
  • 40 minutes of sparring, support and help with installation
  • Required APK (we help with installation)
  • 20 meter cable for camera/switch
  • 5 meter network cable
  • 2 meters HDMI
  • Mouse

You may consider ordering the following at the same time

  • Cables in the length that is needed
  • Additional people counter cameras if there are several entrances and exits.

You can read more about the individual products by clicking on them in the assortment above.

About the installation

When you have mounted the camera at a height of between 210cm and 600cm and connected it, as well as the Android box to the switch and power, you simply insert the HDMI cable between the TV and the Android box and connect the mouse to the Android box.

Once you've reached this point, the rest takes place on TV/PC. You must have an .APK file which is placed on the Box, the camera must be programmed and the Box must know the address of the camera, but we help with all this, which is why 2 x 20 minutes of support are included in the package. If we need additional time, it can simply be purchased afterwards.

If the camera is to be mounted on a vertical surface, an additional bracket like this must be used: DS-1297ZJ