We program your system - 40 min.

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We program and test your system in collaboration with you, so you can print from the house in print.


Prepare yourself and get the most for your money

When you order support, you can advantageously prepare and thereby save time and money in the end. Therefore, we have made a list of things you can prepare.

The item includes 40 minutes of programming and help
Please note that this product is only for products purchased at IPcam-shop.dk

All sessions start with the desired "performance" being added to the basket. If you are in doubt about how long it takes, you can either just put 1 in the basket every time the 20 minutes expire or you can throw several times in the basket and then we only deduct for the time used.

  • Pre-purchase support (help with design, location, product selection, etc.)
    • It can be a good idea to think about requirements and expectations for the plant, price and quality go hand in hand.
    • A floor plan, preferably ready to send by email, so we can review the possibilities and solutions
  • Post-purchase support (Programming, user loading and system testing)
    • Invoice or order number ready so we can confirm if the products were purchased here.
    • Your computer ready and preferably with ANYDESK installed if we need to log in via remote support ( Download ANYDESK )
    • Codes ready (codes for the equipment to be serviced, eg router, camera, NVR, alarm, login, app store, etc.)
      Codes can advantageously be changed temporarily so that our technicians can log in themselves. After the session, they just change again.
      This protects both you and us.

    • Besides that, it is a good idea to think about who should be able to use the system. There we need to have phone numbers and and user codes ready.

It is important to us that we provide the best service every day. That's why we would be so happy if you judge the experience on trustpilot - even if you have judged us before. https://dk.trustpilot.com/review/ipcam-shop.dk?utm_medium=trustbox&utm_source=Horizontal

If you buy a product without buying support, then the product is sold as a pure webshop product, and we can therefore not provide support, except that we can always refer to the user manual and our free video guides.


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