Jablotron AN-15 EXTRA powerful antenna for GSM + 6db

Model: AN-15
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AN-15 is a powerful wall-mounted antenna that has a gain of approx. 6 db. It is a combined half / full wave antenna in the 900/1800 mHz range. This allows it to capture the optimum signal strength, no matter where it is set up.

The half-wave antenna is optimal in parts of outer Denmark, which are usually covered by 900 mHz, where there are longer gaps between the transmitters and "gaps" may occur. The full-wave part, on the other hand, works best in densely populated areas, where there are many short-range transmitting antennas at 1800mHz.

Please note that antenna cables in fixed installation must not be laid at sharp angles but always in soft arches in corners (min. R = 5cm).

Cable length of 5 m
SMA plug
Dimensions 20 cm + mounting bracket
Possibility of extension 2m, 5m Corax RG-58U
Mounted high, on mast or wall.

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