Jablotron JA-110N-DIN Bus equipped PG output module, relay 230V output

Model: JA-110N-DIN
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JA-110N BUS is a PG output relay, for mounting on YOUR rail. It has a switch set (NO / NO / C) and can be loaded with a maximum of 230V / 16A (8A). The module is connected to the control panel's BUS and loaded into the control panel, where it takes up one unit space. It both communicates and is supplied by the central bus.

Supported up to 128PG with version or higher: FW: LY6211.03.1, HW: LY11003.

Please note that versions with lower HW / FW are only supported up to 32PG.

Technical specifications
Supply voltage via the control panel's BUS 12 V (9 - 15 V)
Consumption Relay closed 5 mA
Consumption Activated 45 mA
Maximum output relay load max. 16 A / 250 V
Max load max 8 A / 250 V
Minimum for activation 100 mA at 12 V DC or 1.2 W
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Dimensions 18 x 90 x 64 mm