Jablotron JA-120Z BUS Booster device with PSU backup

Model: JA-120Z
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The JA-120Z is a wireless BUS device belonging to the JA-100 system. With this it is possible to extend the data bus by 2 x 500 meters per. JA-120Z unit. The unit has a built-in power supply of 2A, with battery back-up. The data bus can be a maximum of 2000 meters, so up to three JA-120Z can be mounted in a row. The data buses are galvanically isolated.

It is recommended that you install the JA-120Z in a PLV-CP-L enclosure.

The device supports from 7 to 18 Ah battery, depending on the type of mounting cabinet. It is also able to integrate with F-Link, with current status information and setting.

Technical specifications

Power supply (JA-83PWR power supply) 90-250 V AC
Spending 50VA
Powered by the BUS control panel 12V (9..15V)
Nominal for backup calculation 10 mA
Output voltage typically 13.7 V DC
Maximum load current 2 A
Galvanically insulated (test volt 4 kV)
Back-up battery 12 V. 7 - 18 Ah
Backup-type battey stay, gel
Low battery level ≤ 10.9 V
Maximum time to charge backup battery <72 h / 80% C and 18 Ah
PCB dimensions 102 x 66 x 14 mm
Installation environment Generally indoors
Operating temperature range -10 to +40 ° C
Operation humidity 75% RH, non-condensing