Jablotron JA-150R Repeater

Model: JA-150R
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The JA-150R is a wireless repeater from Jablotron, which in large JA-100 installations can extend the communication distance (up to 300 m) and increase operational reliability. The respect distance between repeaters is 10 m, and the number of repeaters is limited to the number of units in the control panel.

The following are supported by JA-150R : JA-15x and JA-18x detectors, JA-16xJ and JA-15xJ MS hand transmitters, JA-150N and JA-151N PG modules.

Technical specifications

excitement 110-230 VAC / 50-60Hz, class protected II.
Internal consumption Internal consumption, typical / maximum Approx. 0.5W / 1W (at 230 VAC)
Backup battery NiCd 4.8V (BAT 4V8 N900) 900 mAh, service life 4 years
Frequency 868.1 MHz
Range Approx. 300 m (open area)
Dimensions 132 x 182 x 45 mm
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Installation environment Indoors