Jablotron JA-152J-MS II Wireless 2-way hand transmitter 2 buttons

Model: JA-152J-MS II
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The JA-152J MS II is a two-way hand transmitter in the JABLOTRON 100 series. The hand transmitter can both switch on / off an area, send an assault alarm, activate PG output and more.

The hand transmitter acts as two control panels with LED and acoustic indication of the controlled functions. With the transmitter it is possible to look at the LED when an area is connected, or open zones when connecting if the control panel is set up for it. The transmitter can notify at low battery, and is also compatible with the AC-16x multifunction relay in which it can be loaded to control its functions.

To expand the PG output pulse, you can hold down the button, whereby activation is sent every second. This can be useful when partially closing shutters, for example. It is also possible to mute button by pressing or locking the button so that you do not accidentally activate the assault alarm. By double-clicking, you can find the extended settings.

Note that the device is addressable and takes up space in the control panel, and that it is compatible with the FW LJ (MD) 60416+ control panel.

Technical specifications
excitement Lithium battery type CR 2032 (3.0 V / 0.2 A)
Power supply unit C type (EN 50131-6)
Typical battery life ca. 2 years (10 activations per day)
Communication frequency 868.1 MHz
Communication area about 300 m (in open terrain)
Dimensions 63 × 36 × 15 mm
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Compatible with FW LJ (MD) 60416+ control panel; F-Link 1.4.0 or higher

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