Jablotron JB-118N BUS 8 channel PG output module

Model: JB-118N
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The output module JB-118N is made to give signals status in eight areas.

Signal IW / EW alarms in the 8 areas
or status of 8 PG outputs.
- The module fits in a JA-19xPL box.
- The outputs are galvanically isolated from the bus
- The setting is made via a DIP switch (PG 1-128).

Note that this unit is not addressable and does not take up space in the control panel.

Technical specifications

Voltage via the control panel'S BUS 12 V (9 ... 15 V)
Power consumption during backup (relay switched on / off) 5 mA / 10m A
Power consumption with cable 10 Ma
Max. current from + U-output (electronic fuse) <100 mA (all connected devices must be included in the current calculations)
Dimensions 77 x 40 x 15 mm
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Installation environment Indoors

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