Blackvue has set the standard in the car camera industry since its establishment in 2007.

Windscreen cameras, in the same way as a "black box" in an airplane, help to document incidents in and around the car while driving. There are many models of windscreen cameras on the market and one thing has been proven time and time again, quality and price follow each other.

The best brand is, in our opinion, BlackVue , as it seems very complete and reliable. We have, as with most other products, tested the camera in the real world. You can watch a video about it here, where you can also see installation tricks, picture and sound quality, as well as your many options on APP and PC.

If you need a recommendation, see our technicians' favorites below:

1 camera (windscreen) 2 Cameras (front window + rear window/cabin)
Passenger car DR900X-1CH Plus DR900X-2CH Plus
Cab DR900X-1CH Plus DR900X-2CH IR
Van DR900X-1CH Plus DR900X-2CH IR
Lorry DR900X-1CH Plus DR750X-2CH TRUCK Plus
Recommended by our technicians
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Model: DR900X-2C PLUS
( 3.759,20 )
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Model: DR750X-2CH Plus
( 2.559,20 )
Availability: In stock
4% Off
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Model: BV-DR750X-1CHPlus
( 1.919,20 )
You save: 100,00
Availability: In stock
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Model: BlackVue GPS Modtager
( 247,20 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-DR750X-2CH(TRK)
( 3.039,20 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-PM(B-124E)
( 2.159,20 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-CM100LTE(GL)
( 1.519,20 )
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Model: BV-PMP
( 391,20 )
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Model: CL-3P1
( 149,00 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-CC(10)
( 199,20 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-MSD-32S
  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB
Price from
( 239,20 )
Availability: In stock - ships within 1 to 2 weekdays
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Model: BV-CC(15)
( 239,20 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-CC-20T
( 359,20 )
Availability: In stock - ships within 1 to 2 weekdays
30% Off
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Model: G-1EU
( 280,00 )
You save: 149,00
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-CC(6)
( 119,20 )
Availability: In stock
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Model: BV-CC(1.5)
( 119,20 )
Availability: In stock - ships within 1 to 2 weekdays is an authorized Blackvue partner and therefore has access to all their products, if necessary contact our customer support if there are products you cannot find in our webshop, or if you have questions relating to Blackvue products.

Blackvue takes car camera technology to the next level with its ground-breaking full HD 1-channel and 2-channel cameras, where Blackvue today has global customers to maximize user-friendliness by connecting the car's car camera to intelligent devices via e.g. Wi-Fi and/or BlackVue Cloud Service.

Anytime, anywhere, BlackVue Over The Cloud provides instant access to playback, remote Live View and video sharing, as well as peace of mind with emergency alert notifications, location tracking and backup of important footage.

Optimize the safety of your car with a car camera - also known as a dash cam

On this page you will find a selection of some of the best and most innovative products within car cameras. A car camera is perfect for you who want to look after yourself and your car in connection with driving and parking.

The technical term for a car camera is a "dash cam". When you search for car cameras on our site, you will therefore find them under this product category.

Just as Hikvision is our largest manufacturer of IP cameras , BlackVue is our preferred supplier of dashcams. That is why you will find many fantastic models from this manufacturer on this page.

A car camera - this is how it works

A car camera is a small, compact camera that you set up behind your rearview mirror or on the rear window of your car. The camera's lens must here face outwards, so that you can record both the traffic behind and ahead.

When the car camera films, it saves the footage on a hard drive. However, our large selection of car cameras on this site also includes models that can be connected directly to the Internet - for example via BlackVue Over The Cloud.


Different variants of cameras for cars

Here at IPcam-shop, we have several different versions of the smart car camera. The models vary, among other things, in size and shape – but also in how much memory they have.

For example, our BlackVue cams come with anything from 16GB to 32GB.

On this page you will also find a selection of equipment for your car camera. For example cables and battery box.


Laws and rules

A car camera in itself is a good and legal security measure. However, it is important to be aware that there are a number of rules for use. They count, for example:

  • The camera must not obstruct your view
  • The camera is not always legal abroad
  • Not all insurance companies will accept admissions

The benefits of a car camera

With a car camera installed in your car, you get a completely unique overview of the traffic around your car - both while you are driving on the roads and while it is stationary. This, combined with the ability to view the recordings in real time via the Internet, increases your safety both while and after you use your car.

There are several safety and practical advantages to a dash cam . Here we review some of the most important:

A car camera bears testimony in connection with accidents

For many, the primary purpose of acquiring a car camera is that in this way you can show video of the situation in the aftermath of an accident. It is enormously advantageous if there is doubt about the process or there is a question of guilt.

Monitor your parked car with a car camera

The car camera can also function as surveillance when the car is parked. Here, the camera records what happens around the car. This can again be a safety advantage if, for example, the car is hit while it is parked.

Unique photo memories from your road trip

With a camera mounted in the car, you can take unique and different driving videos. It may not be particularly interesting on an ordinary Danish motorway. But it can be quite fantastic if you are, for example, on a driving holiday.

All the cameras on this page are characterized by a high resolution for their size. This means high-quality video, which can easily be used as a fun travel memory.

Other products for you that go up in safety

Are you attracted by the idea of a car camera? Then it is most likely because you like to have control over security. In that case, you could certainly be interested in protecting yourself, your home or your family with other safety equipment.

For example, you could consider investing in video surveillance. These cameras can be used both privately and commercially.

Or how about some of the best, smallest and most effective alarm systems ? In addition, we have a large selection of both fire alarms, anti-theft devices and thermal cameras .