Model: BVUE-PowerMagicPro
Power Magic is a product that you associate with your BlackVue camera for use in "Parking" mode.Power Magic provides continuous power to your camera and ensure that the vehicle battery is not discharged.In itself, there is a built-in power meter, which beat the power of the camera off if the car bat ...more
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5 dage/days
Model: BV-PM-BP(B-112)
Blackvue Battery Parking Mode powers your Blackvue dashcam, for up to 12 hours after the vehicle is turned off(1 hour charge equivalent to approximately 12 hours of power on a DR650S-1CH).Blackvue Battery Parking Mode has 2 USB ports for charging your phone or tablet.
Availability: Leadtime is ca. 2-5 hverdage
Model: BVUE-PowerMagicEZ
Power Magic EZ powers your BlackVue from your vehicle’s OBD* (On-Board Diagnostic) port. Power Magic EZ detects when your car’s ignition is off and maintains power to enable Parking Mode while monitoring your battery’s voltage. When configured voltage level or timer is reached, Power Magic EZ cuts ...more
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5 dage / days