BlackVue Hardwiring Strømkabel

Model: BV-CH-2P
( 143,20 )
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Hardwiring Strømkabel DR750 LTE/DR750X LTE/DR750X PLUS LTE

  Free Plan Smart Plan Fleet Plan*
Subscription fee (in USD) None $11.99 /mo (+ $9 per extra dashcam) $24.99 /mo (+ $15 per extra dashcam)
Max. Dashcams / Account 1 3 999
Users per Account 1 1 Master: 1 - Submaster: 10 - User: 3 (per dashcam)
Live view / Day 10 minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Remote Video Playback and Download / Month 100 times Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage 5GB 5GB per dashcam 15GB per dashcam
Push Notifications      
Two-way Voice Communication      
Live GPS      
Email Notifications      
Multi Live View (Viewer)      
GPS Tracking   7 days 90 days
Geofence Setup (Windows Viewer) & Alerts (Viewer & App)      
Event Live Auto upload** 7 days 30 days 30 days
Live Event upload*** 7 days 30 days 30 days
Video On Map***      

*: subscribe to a Fleet Plan on
**: DR650S Series only.
***: not supported by DR650GW and DR650S Series models.

More info on Blackvue`s Cloud here

CH-2P: Compatible with:

DR750X LTE Plus Series (2CH, 2CH IR)
DR900S Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
DR750 LTE Series (2CH, 2CH IR)
DR750S Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR, 2CH TRUCK)
DR590W Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
DR590 Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR)
DR650GW and DR650S Series (1CH, 2CH, 2CH IR, 2CH TRUCK)
DR450-1CH, DR430-2CH, DR470-2CH, DR430-2CH IR, DR470-2CH IR, DR3500-FHD