BlackVue DR3500-FHD 16GB Car Camera

Model: DR3500-FHD 16GB
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BlackVue DR3500-FHD has been discontinued - and replaced by BlackVue DR750-2CHLTE(GL)

DR750-2CHLTE(GL) is an enhanced version of the DR3500-FHD with new cool features.

Read much more about it - and everything else on the product page for the new version: DR750-2CHLTE(GL)



We have kept the product page for DR3500-FHD, so you always have easy access to the documentation.

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The DR3500-FHD is a Full HD car camera with wide angle and very good image quality. An affordable solution with the option to connect to GPS.

Technical specifications:
Full HD @ 30fps, 2MP CMOS sensor
Wide angle: 120
Up to 64 GB microSD card (up to 32 GB in the Nordic countries)
16 GB memory card included
External GPS (sold separately)
User Interface (Voice Guide and LCD)
3 shooting modes, Normal / Event / Parking (the latter requires a BlackVue Battery or Power Magic Pro)
Same fittings as DR550 and 500, new black design
Blackvue Viewer for Windows and Mac